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Deep Blue Sky by Miriam Lieberman

With a voice that has been described as ‘both heart breaking and uplifting’ Miriam sings and plays kora (African harp ) as well as guitar. With a strong West African flavor her songs chart journeys around the world. Monsoon in an African shanty town, stories of a courageous escape and a village healer who casts spells of love !

Deep Blue Sky


The Ballad of Joey and The Bottle of Booze - Gabe Hizer

The Ballad of Joey and The Bottle of Booze - Gabe Hizer

Gabe Hizer is a Nashville, TN-based singer-songwriter, originally from Long Island, NY. He attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, played in various rock and pop cover bands in the 70s, and more recently led a blues band for a couple of years. He is now performing as a solo artist, featuring his complex guitar arrangements, well-crafted songs, and wide vocal range.