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Hear Him Sing

Heart On The Sleeve song that’s gotten me asked to play in Nashville twice.  I’ll be on the live TV show:

Nashville Sidesteets Saturday March 26th @ 8:30 CST.  Tune in any Saturday at that time for live performances or watch previously recorded episodes featuring fantatastic Indie Artists at:

To hear this and my more rocking and blues tunes visit:

Free MP3’s are available there

Hear Him Sing


Treasure Map by Katie Stump

21-year-old Katie Stump is quickly proving her worth amongst the most prolific singers and songwriters of today.  Drawing from pop, folk, and country influences, her honest lyrics and vibrant melodies create a unique experience that pulls the listener into the beauty and vulnerability of the heart.
Her newly released single, Treasure Map, was co-written by Stump and Jason Afable and marks Katie’s return to the more country influenced songs in her repertoire. Treasure Map is the first single from her upcoming EP Feels Like Home produced by Grammy-winning producer Mikal Blue.
Spotify Link:
Treasure Map Video YouTube:


Treasure Map


The Prisoner of Chillon - Stanza 10 by Brett Mussey Band

Stanza 10 of Lord Byron’s The Prisoner of Chillon is scored by Brett Mussey almost 40 years ago.

The Brett Mussey Band extended the score and here is the result.

More selections by the Brett Mussey Band are available on

Facebook - Brett Mussey Band

ReverbNation - Brett Mussey Band


The Prisoner of Chillon - Stanza 10 by Brett Mussey Band


Coastal Bend by the Brett Mussey Band

Wayne Warden was inspired to write a song with the Texas coastal bend area as the backdrop.

For additional selections and bio, visit

Brett Mussey Band on ReverbNation or

Brett Mussey Band on Facebook.

Coastal Bend by the Brett Mussey Band


This Ain't The Same Old Music


Far From Here by the Brett Mussey Band

A line from the song hints what we all have at our disposal - “in the thoughts and dreams those working machines at your feet”.

For additional selections and bio, visit the Brett Mussey Band.

Far From Here by the Brett Mussey Band


Risk My Heart by the Brett Mussey Band

Wayne Warden wrote the song with Brett Mussey adding some minor embellishments.  Visit the Brett Mussey Band for additional material and bio info.

Risk My Heart by the Brett Mussey Band


Home by Jess Skelton



Leaving for Edna by the Brett Mussey Band

Some friends living in Edna, TX inspired the song written over 30 years ago while I was living in Houston. Janet Parish selectively augmented my backup vocals…a job well done…many thanks Janet!

For additional tune selections and biography, visit the Brett Mussey Band.

Leaving for Edna by the Brett Mussey Band


No Right Turn to Chickering by the Brett Mussey Band

The song’s title was taken from a road sign in Fort Worth, TX that I passed everyday going to work…the rest…well…it is what it is…guess I was feeling a little lost the day I wrote it.  We got Janet Parish to do the backup vocals for us who did a bang-up job.

For additional selections and bio, visit the Brett Mussey Band.

No Right Turn to Chickering by the Brett Mussey Band


Thinking of You by the Brett Mussey Band

Brett Mussey and Wayne Warden have been writing and collaborating on original Texas folk rock music since late 2003 in Fort Worth, TX, and covering songs by artists such as BW Stevenson, Bob Dylan, John Prine, Nanci Griffith, Hank Williams…just to name a few.  The Brett Mussey Band was eventually formed and has been offering material in the americana, country, and folk rock genres.

Thinking of You by the Brett Mussey Band


Mary's Song by the Brett Mussey Band

The inspiration of the song grew from knowing Mary in LA.  Ginny Mac of Fort Worth provided the wonderful backup vocals during a recording session.

For additional selections visit the Brett Mussey Band.

Mary's Song by the Brett Mussey Band


Parkside Road by Jack Cade

Fifth track on the album ‘This Fiery Road’ by Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners. This track has been made available as a free download on the Jack Cade site. It features the very fine fiddle playing of of Chris Haigh.

The album is available from:

Official Website:

Buy on iTunes: iTunes



Parkside Road by Jack Cade


The Saga of Robert Earl by the Brett Mussey Band

The song reveals the travels and life of a good friend who left us a few years back.  Janet Parish provided the backup vocals which gave the song a new dimension.

Additional song selections may be found at Brett Mussey Band.

The Saga of Rober Earl by the Brett Mussey Band


What Became Of Us by Lisa Sheppard

Neon Lights, Lisa’s stunning sophomore album, burns with the grit-filled, heartfelt sounds of that process. The moods and tales within are as frank and richly varied as the life of their earthy-voiced creator: The disc’s 11 built-to-last songs are typified by such offerings as “You Got Your Freedom,” a rough-edged, blues-rocking kiss-off to a departing ex-lover, and “Once I Leave LA,” a sobering meditation on the thoughts of a desperate friend set to a bittersweet waltz. And then there’s the title track, an image-rich, gospel-tinged narrative that cashes in on the singer’s observations from her years as a professional poker player.

What Became Of Us by Lisa Sheppard


Hurricane by Summerfield

Comprised of cousins Summer Collins (15, vocals and guitar) and Isaac Ball (20, violin), Summerfield is an astonishing modern country-pop duo that, in barely a year, has won legions of fervent fans stretching from the pair’s Fayetteville, North Carolina, home to as far away as Russia and Europe. But, being close relatives, Summerfield’s roots naturally go back farther than the act’s official beginnings.

Hurricane by Summerfield


Girls Night Out by Susan Cattaneo

Passion, drive, and great writing – these adjectives define the music and life of Susan Cattaneo. Growing up on a farm in New Jersey but spending her summers on an Arizona ranch, moved easily between the energy and electricity of the East Coast and the wide open spaces and campfire stories of the West.

Girls Night Out by Susan Cattaneo


On Something New by Renee Wahl

This is something Renée Wahl seems to have realized instinctively from an early age. As an alternative country/Americana/Rockabilly artist, Wahl has followed a non-traditional path to a career in music, and yet no one who has known her over the years would ever question her destination. Wahl enrolled in the musical theater program at Staten Island’s Wagner College only to find college life mundane. Finding her way to Philadelphia, Wahl became a regular on the local Indie music scene. After a stint in the US Air Force, where Wahl served first as a flight specialist and later as a physicist and educator, she returned to music. Eventually making her way to Nashville, Wahl’s affable personal style helped her network with some of the brightest lights on Music Row. This combined with her natural talents as a singer and a songwriter have Wahl poised on the verge of widespread name recognition.

On Something New by Renee Wahl


Ramblin Man by Greg Susoreny

For Greg Susoreny, it’s been a long time coming. His debut as a songwriter and recording artist is the fulfillment of a genuine passion carried in his heart over several years. While his arrival in music comes after starting several businesses in other industries, he is not ending something; he’s just getting started. With the sharp contemplation and adult contemporary/country sound that defines his music, time spent listening to Greg feels like talking over beers with Kenny Cheseny and Don Henley. All insight, and no hangover.

Ramblin Man by Greg Susoreny


29 Miners Buried and Gone by Mike Stout

Mike Stout is a socially conscious singer song-writer and community leader. He leads crusades against local and global economic injustice, rallying people with his music to take action. His sound and lyrics are influenced by his musical heroes Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Jackson Browne and Bruce Cockburn.

29 Miners Buried and Gone by Mike Stout