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Zaza - Fashion Girl

Growing up in Kazakhstan, urban pop recording artist Zaza felt out of place in her inner circle of family and friends, in her home country, and in her own skin. Music provided the refuge of belonging she so craved. It wasn’t about listening to it—as there was very little music in her household or around her neighborhood—as much as it was about the catharsis of making it. Music swept her away, both inwardly and outwardly. Now, with striking individuality, she steps forward as a recording artist with a brace of singles and videos.

Zaza’s first volley of material include the singles “Fashion Girl,” “Love Me More,” and “Cobra.” The tracks exude the sensual rawness of hip-hop, pristine modern pop craftsmanship, and adventurous electronic ambience. Her lyrics are emotionally bold and empowering. On “Fashion Girl,” she depicts the isolation and disconnection models feel as they’re lauded for their physicality, but often neglected emotionally. 


Manila - by Soraya Ocean

My latest music is a mixture of Pop, Dance, and EDM. I’m currently working on new music to be released soon! Attached song is “Manila (ft. Those Bloody Yanks!)”

Manila (ft. Those Bloody Yanks!)


Ladybug, Would You Care To Dance? by Ben Makinen

This is from The Goliath Beetle & The Ladybug the new release on my Bmakin Music label. The Goliath Beetle record is the Romeo & Juliet of the insect world: falling in love with a ladybug is taboo, and the couple is banished from their homeland. The butterfly La Femme Nikita is able to guide them to a land where outcasts are welcomed … 

Ladybug, Would You Care To Dance? by Ben Makinen



As a Transgender Artist myself, I felt a song / anthem supporting all of my Trans Brothers and Sisters is a great way to celebrate who we are. I hope you’ll enjoy this song as much as I enjoyed making it. This is the first single released from my up-coming album.

Music & Vocals: Zajah
Lyrics: Micheal Eaton & Brandie Burks (Firewoman)




This song tells a story in itself about finding someone you connect with and never wanting that moment to end. Find more on , ,



"Bring Me the Barrel" by "Ms. Moxie"

“Ms. Moxie”

Funky R&B Soul Shakin’ Booty Music!!


"Bring Me the Barrel" by "Ms. Moxie"


Mood SWings

SoUnD WaVeS- a.k.a. DJ Brownsugar

L.A. born Brown Sugar has been mixing music professionally since 1999. He has an undeniable passion for making people move their bodies. He constantly works on perfecting his art by creating seamless mixes that combine exquisite sound waves with thumpin beats. When DJ Brown Sugar’s in the room, the party’s sure to be happening. When he’s not fueling the crowd’s urge to dance, he produces his own electro house dance music, the name of the project he is undergoing is called : SoUnD WaVeS-

You can also download my music for free at:

Mood SWings


Spank (Jake Childs Bound To 8 Mix) by Kiko

Uni.form brings yet another slamming release to the table with French producer KIKO whose tracks can be found on Labels from Umek’s 1605 to Great Stuff Recordings in addition to traveling abroad on tour with Carl Cox and Global Underground. KIKO’s latest release ‘Spank,’ delivers a driving tech house number accompanied with a warm summertime feel and that consistent, technically precise sound characteristic to his work.

Spank (Jake Childs Bound To 8 Mix) by Kiko


One Girl Can Change the World by Shuree

Shuree is an indie pop artist from Chicago. Her blend of pop, rock, and dance music blend with gritty and soulful vocals to make a sound that is fun and funky.

Known for her high energy performances, positive lyrics, complete beauty, and in your face message,  Shuree is the very definition of being “pretty tough”.

Official website:

Follow Shuree on Twitter: @shureerivera

One Girl Can Change the World by Shuree


Borrow Your Love by The Buddy Love Project

Most listeners have never heard or seen anything quite like the Buddy Love Project. The California native mixes hip-hop, pop, rock and dance music into a special fusion he calls Future Disco.

Borrow Your Love by The Buddy Love Project


So Good by TINA

TINA is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, tabla player, writer, dancer, and actor that has been touring worldwide since the age of five. Recently featured on Style Network’s hit show “Jerseylicious”, she is about to make her mainstream breakthrough with her new single “So Good” featuring Fat Joe.

So Good by TINA


Everything but the Girl

“Everything But the Girl,” [was] released as a single last year, garnering radio airplay from nearly a dozen Quebec outlets. That remains his greatest bid for potential mainstream success, with a robust, upfront rap, retro New York freestyle production, swirling harmonies and a keen message that “A lot of things I already got—except a girl who I love, and is really hot.”

- Cortney Harding, Billboard Discoveries

Everything but the Girl


"Midnight Love Story" by Wesley Avery

Title track off the Pop-Rock Anthemic Debut Album “Midnight Love Story”.  The entire album was written, performed, recorded, and self-produced all off a laptop for under $100.

Midnight Love Story


Nothing To Wear by Danielle DeLaite

Confident yet vulnerable, sultry yet sweet; you can’t miss this in her music or her personality. This young Australian singer, DaniElle DeLaite, is definitely pop, but she somehow makes it different. It’s classy, it’s sexy, a bit funky, a bit cheeky. A writer of both upbeat and laid back songs DaniElle loves nothing more than performing and connecting with her audience with everyone having a good time.

Nothing To Wear


Look At All These Girls by Nando

Imagine if you could fuse Neyo, Kevin Lyttle, & Sanchez into one – well the result should not be very far from Nando. Nando is a singer /songwriter who is equally adept at gliding over mellow one-drop reggae grooves, riding uptempo dancehall and soca riddims, or belting out pop and R&B tunes with a comfort that belies his Jamaican roots. While the majority of his catalogue either address male-female relationships or are meant to make you dance, Nando is not afraid to tackle social issues such as racism or single-parenthood, which he does with aplomb on tracks such as Overcome (Grey Version) and Get Better.

Look At All These Girls


Go Your Own Way by Cece Segarra featuring Gucci Mane

Christina Segarra – known as “CeCe” in the world’s musical landscape, has burst onto the scene with a splash. The second generation Puerto Rican from the Bronx, New York moved to Miami, Florida with her family at the ripe age of 15 years old. CeCe has proven to be the epitome of a true Miami native with a “New Yorican” heart.

Go Your Own Way


Come'on in my Kitchen by Black Madam  

Come’on in my Kitchen by Black Madam

The music business often attempt to place artists into a box in order to market said artist to the public. But what happens when an artist emerges that cannot be bound by stereotypes or conventional logic? What happens when an artist is fully capable of singing, rapping and producing? What happens is she calls herself Black Madam and creates her own lane.


Lavender Blues by Heather Edwards

Lavender Blues by Heather Edwards

Pop/Rock; A collection of music featuring piano filled with emotion, memorable lyrics, infectious melodies, and a variety of styles.


Lavender Blues - Heather Edward

Lavender Blues by Heather Edwards

Heather Edwards is a musician and actress. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Heather currently lives in New York City. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee and dabbled in many facets of the music industry. Having reached a plateau in her career and needing to try her acting wings, she decided to move to New York City. Since moving north, Heather has been actively pursuing her music and acting career; performing with many types of bands - from funk and rock to jazz and country and playing a wide range of characters as an actor. Heather trained her whole life as a classical pianist and continues to perform in that genre as much as possible. 


I've Decided - Heather Edwards

I’ve Decided by Heather Edwards


Heather Edwards has been actively pursuing her music career, performing with many types of bands - from funk and rock to jazz and country.  Heather trained her whole life as a classical pianist and continues to perform in that genre as much as possible.  She started writing music at age eleven and continues to write and perform her own music as well as conduct, direct, and perform in musical theatre.