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Angels by Richard Kincaid

Richard Kincaid’s plaintive voice unleashed like an arrow from its bow, soars as it gathers momentum with yearning and unabashedly hits home in the heart. Longtime businessman and CEO of the largest publicly traded office real estate company in the United States, when his company sold in February 2007, Richard experienced a moment of reckoning. He faced a choice: he could step back onto the corporate treadmill or pursue projects that really mattered to him. “I didn’t want to continue on autopilot,” he says, “I wanted to make conscious decisions about my life and I needed outlets for my passion that corporate life never provided me.” Thus, Richard turned the page and began a new chapter in which he returned to his first love: music and simultaneously blazed a trail through new territory: philanthropy.

Angels by RIchard Kincaid


Look of Love by Sylvia Bennett

Grammy nominated Sylvia Bennett, the timeless smooth jazz and pop vocalist sings of love with a warmth, clarity and spirit that is enveloping and tender, showcasing the depth of her skill, talent and experience. She’s sung with Lionel Hampton and she’s sung for presidents - all with a singular style and intimacy that is hers and hers alone.

Look of Love by Sylvia Bennett


The Voice of Your Soul by Jimmy Philip Pillar

The Voice of Your Soul by Jimmy Philip Pillar

So I started to think about the people that came in and out of my life and decided to write honest musical statements about what had transpired. If I hurt you, I’m sorry. If you hurt me, it’s hurts. If I’ve wronged you, I’m sorry, please, I beg your pardon. Once I took music from this point of view the songs started to flow almost effortlessly.