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"Weekend" by Juval Porat

This is Juval Porats very first official single fom his album “Optimism”, released by darumeshi records. The song is about having a wonderful weekend with your lover. Then dark thoughts appear…

Weekend by Juval Porat


Modern Nocturne

New original instrumental music

Modern nocturne


Wishing by GALILEE

“Wishing” is from upcoming GALILEE debut e.p. ROBOT ARMS on VOD Recordings out July 2, ‘13. GALILEE is an electronic music producer [not a dj] hailing from  Beverly Hills, Florida. For more info

Wishing by GALILEE


"Shades of the Pauliphonic Canvas" by Artificial Reality

Hello everyone on MTT!

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to listen to my new album, containing 5 tracks…

“Shades of the Pauliphonic Canvas”, available here:



StepOFF [By uropatwin]


StepOFF from the Fairymonsters LP By uropatwin

About uropatwin:

uropatwin music: KPCmusic




Mood SWings

SoUnD WaVeS- a.k.a. DJ Brownsugar

L.A. born Brown Sugar has been mixing music professionally since 1999. He has an undeniable passion for making people move their bodies. He constantly works on perfecting his art by creating seamless mixes that combine exquisite sound waves with thumpin beats. When DJ Brown Sugar’s in the room, the party’s sure to be happening. When he’s not fueling the crowd’s urge to dance, he produces his own electro house dance music, the name of the project he is undergoing is called : SoUnD WaVeS-

You can also download my music for free at:

Mood SWings


Big City Drinking by Heartour

Heartour is the creative outlet/alter ego of popular Los Angeles based band The Ruse’s drummer Jason Young. Having been a member of touring bands since he was a teenager, Young began recording solo material as Heartour in 2002. Ever since the first release in 2003 (Three), Young has been extra prolific, in addition to producing and performing with The Ruse he has dropped a full solo album every couple years.

Influenced heavily by big sounding bands like U2 and Led Zeppelin as well as contemporary acts My Morning Jacket, LCD Soundsystem and Metric , Heartour’s progressive Electronic sound has grown by leaps and bounds with each project. With renewed energy and new ideas, Young released his best work to date in early 2011 in the form of Submarine Sounds.

Big City Drinking by Heartour


Borrow Your Love by The Buddy Love Project

Most listeners have never heard or seen anything quite like the Buddy Love Project. The California native mixes hip-hop, pop, rock and dance music into a special fusion he calls Future Disco.

Borrow Your Love by The Buddy Love Project


Chameleon by Pixikill

Sisters Jewel & Blaire Restaneo stand as the front-women of Pixkill, claiming the hybrid style of electro pop grunge as their playground and joining fellow females like Avril Lavigne, The Veronicas, and Hayley Williams of Paramore at the forefront of young women who can rock a mic.

Chameleon by Pixikill


Ain't No Upside by Carey Ott

With an intelligent, evocative pop/rock style and truly monster hooks in the vein of Thom Yorke, Jack Johnson, and Coldplay, Ott is a perfect fit for today’s creative and human landscape. Fueled by his genuine love of people and the desire to serve and help them, Ott is certainly more than great musical talent.

Ain't No Upside by Carey Ott


The Train by Virtual Jungle

While seeming reserved, Rebello creates music that blends progressive and alternative rock with Brazilian Jazz, Electronica and Classical music into an eclectic retro-futuristic pop blend with cinematic scope and hooks that are nothing short of deadly. It is this seeming incongruity that first draws in fans.

The Train by Virtual Jungle


A Portrait of Ruin by CodeCracker

“Can you crack the code?” This is the mantra of JJ Brine, the force behind the iconoclastic one-man band CodeCracker. Brine’s distinctive style evokes shades of Joy Division and Nico - his primary influences - while amounting to a future-retro brand of electronica all his own.

A Portrait of Ruin by CodeCracker


Eyes by Neon Legion

Verity, Equity, Acuity.

These are the meanings of the symbols in the Kressin family crest, and also the foundation of Neon Legion, the rock band based around German-born composer and multi-instrumentalist Philip Kurt Kressin. In a music landscape where many artists are concerned with shiny veneers over artistic content, Kressin demands that his work stand for something. With Empire, the debut Neon Legion album, he seeks to honor the values of his forefathers while crafting a sound that brings together elements of rock, electronic, and classical music, honoring his own personal tradition.

Eyes by Neon Legion


God In The Hole- Android Lust

Struggle is a natural part of the creative process for many artists. For Shikhee, the one-woman army behind industrial act Android Lust, struggle became downright essential to the production of the fourth Android Lust album, The Human Animal. Not by choice, of course: Nearly a decade after debuting as the first one-woman industrial act, the Bangladeshi-born New Yorker found herself burnt out from balancing a music career with what some might call “real life.”

God In The Hole- Android Lust


Guruji by Sharon Gannon

She wouldn’t be comfortable saying it herself, of course, but some might call Sharon Gannon a rock star of the yoga world. The co-founder of the pivotal Jivamukti yoga method, she’s known worldwide as an influential teacher and advisor, and continues to help legions of students gain enlightenment via her own classes and those at Jivamukti-affiliated schools and centers around the globe, as well as through books and instructional DVDs. In truth, however, Sharon is a 21st-century Renaissance woman, one who excels in many disciplines, such as dance, writing, poetry, painting, cooking, and political activism. But before everything else—even yoga—her first medium is, and has always been, music.

Guruji by Sharon Gannon


7/11 by The Christophers

7/11 is the new single due out on the 6th of September and follows hot on the heels of the heavily played Catburglar mix of Plans.

Sounding a little bit like New Order on acid this Manchester-based band deal in stark industrial beats and bitterly spiked monochrome pop.

More music and info can be found at: and at



Sunday Morning by Fatty Acid

A glitchy electro-acoustic rush from Fatty Acid, an electronic rock band from New York City.  “Sunday Morning” comes from the debut self-titled release (Ropeadope Records, 2009).  more music @ on on iTunes.  For live dates, visit  To contact, write to

enjoy all!



The Charismatic by Frequency Theater

The Charismatic - Frequency Theater

Frequency Theater strives to inspire the audience to believe in themselves, to push to become their best version of themselves and to doubt their doubters. Suspend reality, observe it, and cut free from inhibitions through an entertaining experience. Expect danceable grooves, strong melodies, and a dark and intense sonic structure informed by the likes of NIN, Depeche Mode, U2, Muse, Paul Oakenfold, Radiohead, and The Cure.


Hustler With A Rescue Plan by Derek and the Darling

Hustler With A Rescue Plan- Derek and the Darling

Born from scene work on the Upright Citizens Brigade stage, Derek and the Darling formed an electro-pop band in late 2009 instead of an improv troupe because it was “way less nerdy.” “Rockface” the debut EP, arrives April 27, 2010


Space Out by Million Dollar Mouth

Space Out- Million Dollar Mouth

Every musician aspires to do things their own way, but very few truly have it in their DNA. The boys and gal in Million Dollar Mouth, on the other hand, have been blessed with the right instincts. Equal parts stoner rock, Brit-pop, punk, and indie, with a pinch of electro thrown in for good measure, MDM gives full vent to every musical impulse in their collective soul, resulting in what Lollipop Magazine calls “stylistically kicking the crap out of The Strokes, while smoking Stone Temple Pilots’ cigarettes and listening to Marvelous 3.” With the panicKING, their second album on Atonal Records (the band’s own label), the LA-based quintet makes eclecticism and independent thinking respectable and cool again.