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Love Loathe (Lights Out Mix) - Bone Gunn

Love Loathe (Lights Out Mix) - Bone Gunn

While a professional musician for a decade, in both the Punk band Pillars of the Community and Folk band Grimes & Kane, BONE GUNN has always been an outlet for Bryan’s obsessive perfectionism. All other work aside, BONE GUNN has always been the final goal. BONE GUNN embodies Bryan’s creative fervor and the incredible talent and drive of its members.


The Winding Sheet by Dudley Saunders

The Winding Sheet by Dudley Saunders´╗┐

Are Dudley Saunders’ “underground” years finally over? After nearly two decades spent crafting haunting, “character-study” songs out of the spotlight, Dudley’s third album THE EMERGENCY LANE ended 2009 the surprise winner of the Outmusic Award for “Outstanding Album of the Year”.

A “life-on-the-edge” portrait-painter in the Tom Waits/Rickie Lee Jones mold, Dudley gives his story-songs an extra, post-modern twist: a lilting folk-jazz love song turns out to be laced with S&M sex (LOVE SONG FOR JEFFREY DAHMER), or a vivid portrait of New York street whores stops midway through for a decidedly unromantic re-write (THE RAIN ON 8th AVENUE). Nothing quite comes out straight in Dudley’s music.


Seventeen at Three in the Morning - Dudley Saunders

Seventeen at Three in the Morning - Dudley Saunders

Dudley Saunders: Really beautiful folk-pop songs about really disturbing people.