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Hot Mess by Kaila Picard

Disco ain’t dead!!

Can you Dig It??

Hot Mess by Kaila Picard


Swagged up NEW HIT MUST SEE!!!!!!!!

I go by the name D-Avid im a Houston tx upcoming artist still doing it all for SelfMadeMusixGroup. My name says it all im avid with this rapping and im the next big hype that will be coming up from where i did.. Ready to hear a changeup in music then click the link and listen. If you enjoyed the song please like it and subscribe to my channel also and look out for more hits dropping in the near future. Thanks from the whole SMMG D-Avid..


Festa do Sexo by Human Groove Hormone

dance around happily to the verses. rock out to the chorus. be moved by the jazzy interlude. then rock out and dance around some more. 

Festa do Sexo by Human Groove Hormone


Just Rolling by ALLJOOK

If your want a song to listen to as you drive home with the sun setting behind you after a long day then this is it. Its the opening song from the album ‘girls can’t catch up’ which is available free from

Just Rolling by ALLJOOK


A blast from the past- Uzi Navon and Aquaintances are reissuing this 1970 lost album. Here is the first single

Lo Avater Al Atzmi