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Young by Sad Robot 

Hot, unsigned indie-rock/alternative-rock band from LA that has been featured on several television and film productions. 




That Summer Breeze by Mighty Fearsome

Great song for a sunny day. 

That Summer Breeze


"Lost My Way" by D'lys

Getting so caught up in the lights, you lose sight of what’s real.

"Lost My Way" by D'lys


Redemption by Dee Stone Band

This is the brand new single and title track from the forthcoming Dee Stone Band album. Now available at iTunes and CD Baby.  For more info, please visit Dee’s Website.

Based in Washington, DC, the Dee Stone Band is funked-up progressive rock and soul swagger spiced with a dash of jazz. Chunky grooves, searing guitar solos, and amazing vocals birth a satisfying, groovalicious stew that will have you jumping out of your seat. Don’t fight the feeling. It’s good for your soul!

Redemption by Dee Stone Band


Goodship by The Driftwood Sailors

The Driftwood Sailors are a Swag Rock band from Rochester, NY. A collective soul of haunting soul, deeper than the swamps of Mississippi and the swagger of a cane swinging pimp. Their live track “Goodship” puts you right there. Check out for more.

Goodship by The Driftwood Sailors


Lost Little Girl (Acapella Version) by Tiffany Apan

The song “Lost Little Girl (Acapella Version)” is Tiffany Apan’s new single that was released in June of 2010.  This song features a more soulful side of Tiffany’s vocals.  In fact, Tiffany wrote the song when she portrayed a Free Style Jazz Singer in the world premiere of Marta Effinger’s “Whispers Want to Holler.”  “Lost Little Girl (Acapella Version)” was also a Finalist in the 2009 Best New Song in the World Contest.  The song was also featured in a ‘ghost hunting’ excavation of Farnam Manor on ParaNexus Universe Paranormal Talk Radio.  The song was also featured on the “La Femme Electrique” Compilation CD.

Lost Little Girl (Acapella Version)


Ghost by Tiffany Apan

First released to the internet in November of 2006, “Ghost” was the premiere song ever to be released by singer/songwriter/musician Tiffany Apan.  The song ended up on her 2008 debut releases titled “Poet.”  Since then, the song has been a hit among music fans particularly within the Goth, Folk, and Celtic/World genres.  “Ghost” has also been liscensed for tv, video, and film projects including becoming the official song for the Paranormal Research group, PASTIntel.  “Ghost” (along with the other songs off “Poet” has recieved song and music video rotation in the US and abroad.



Somebody Else by Hayley Stark

Somebody Else by Hayley Stark

Why is there somebody else, sleeping in my bed, in my clothes, in my house?

The vivacious acoustic duo Hayley Stark bring you this gem of a song that speaks of loneliness, heartbreak and not quite knowing where you fit in this crazy world.



Magic Wood by Druyd

Magic Wood by Druyd

… if you love the smell of golden leaves … if you are into dancing trees

Magic Wood music video on YouTube.


dillusion by chantilly


boatsbutnottheocean by I Am Not Lefthanded

boatsbutnottheocean by I Am Not Lefthanded

A mellow, sea change of a song, from our mini-album Yes Means No. A song for clear skies and cloudy thoughts. More free music, videos, other random musings at Thanks for taking the time to listen


The Bounty Hunter by Lowpitch

If you dont think Portished, Puscifer and Morricone could co exist in the same song, check out this one from Lowpitch: The Bounty Hunter. More info and free mixtape download @ :


It's A Metaphor, Dear!

It’s a Metaphor, Dear! - by Redbird Fever

We got violin, dual male / female vocals, and the circulatory system. More of us at