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Celebrating 70 open projects in Soundcloud

First sorry for my little English: I dont like autotraducors.

Mixed ideas, idiotias and, humblement , liked results in this four years I have upload seventy instrumentak themes (not right in ome i have very ridicul bruit some vocal sounds, it,s a comic theme). At least same 70 more in my drives.

Keep in mind, altrugh I am musician the last forty years my first computer comes in 2011. Before I knew nothing in computers. even copy/paste, drag n drop. Imaegine the handicap. In this time I stop a big alcohol problem also and my head was little bit much beyond. If you want the only pseudo order is chronologically INVERSE. More new first in page.

My last:

My site:



It's All About Funk by Da' Mutta' Funka's

Da’ Mutta’ Funka’s have released their first album “It’s All About Funk”.  If you ready to get your Funk on, then click on this link:

It’s All About Funk

There is a free download available for “Funker’s Dozen” available here (just put in zero for price):

Funker’s Dozen

Hope you enjoy!!!

May Da’ Funk B Wit U


Oogie Boogie of Da’ Mutta’ Funka’s


Puree of Scorched Tomatoes by Desmond Jones 

Puree of Scorched Tomatoes off of our new EP “Marketplace”


Puree of Scorched Tomatoes by Desmond Jones


The Grind by The Kobolds

The Kobolds are a New York City alternative rock band with a home-base in Astoria, Queens. Influenced by The White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz, and Led Zeppelin, Alex Grau and Nicholas DiMichele first started playing music together as teenagers in College Station, Texas. After moving to New York to pursue degrees from NYU, Alex and Nick enlisted Pennsylvanian drummer Andrew Benson from a local Guitar Center. Using intense intimidation tactics, Alex, Nick and Andrew coerced their long-time friend from Texas, Spencer Synwolt, to start a new life in New York and round out the rock quartet. The Kobolds were born in 2009, and released their first album, The Kobolds EP, in July 2010. Following a year of playing New York, their second album, The Kobolds EP II, is being released in May 2011.

The Grind by The Kobolds


Fish, Eggs and Sushi by Moochie Mac and Friends

Rock band by day and beer fueled superheroes by night (or sometimes the other way around), Moochie Mac & Superfriends formed in the summer of 2008 after being inspired by a trip to Japan. As fate would have it our heroes, Moochie Mac & Hayashi wrote their first song together—titled Baan Thai—after getting smashed at Thai Beach Bar on Kamakura Beach. On the plane trip back to their native Singapore, the duo decided to form a band and write an album about all of the adventures they had in Tokyo. Once they returned home, they recruited long time friend K-9 to complete the awesome trio and Moochie Mac & Superfriends was born.

Fish, Eggs and Sushi by Moochie Mac and Friends


Self Sufficient by Self Tort

Shades of Dr John and Eric Clapton, with hints of a full gin soaked gravel sound of Joe Cocker and with lyrics that show an emotional life, lived to the max…you have it! Self Tort plans to have his third solo CD completed during 2012 and proposes to embark on a tour of the USA to promote the CD

Self Sufficient by Self Tort


Maktoub by ATLAS SOUL

Maktoub means  - it’s written- it’s the destin!

Atlas Soul’s third album title “Maktoub” 2009

Atlas Soul is an award-winning band based in Boston performing original music that celebrates and bridge Afro-Mediterranean melodies & grooves with Jazz and Funk thus naturally creating new powerful genres of music one could describe as Maghrebian-Funk, Rock’n Raï and Shaabi-Jazz.

Maktoub by ATLAS SOUL


2 B Loved by Itaal Shur

The freedom to compose and create a dynamic body of work is afforded to a special few artists of each generation, musicians who deftly coordinate the chemistry of exceptional talent and exceptional opportunity. Itaal Shur is one of these rare and free musical craftsmen, with a career that includes top-shelf status as a songwriter, producer, and a Grammy Award for Song of the Year for the multi-Platinum hit “Smooth,”, recorded by Carlos Santanna and Rob Thomas.

2 B Loved by Itaal Shur


Carbulator by Mojo Mancini

Put five musicians together in a room and let them improvise. Hit the record button. What will you end up with? This is a song from Mojo Mancini’s stunning self-titled debut. 

Carbulator by Mojo Mancini


Operator Man by DJP

DeWayne Matthew Counce, born October 23, 1984 in Minneapolis, Minnesota was raised and brought up in the Twin Cities area, more specifically in the city of Brooklyn Park. At an early age, it was obvious that DeWayne was blessed with a very rare gift and talent for music.

Operator Man by DJP


Good Time Lover by Loomis & the Lust

Embracing classic pop hooks, throwing in a bit of soul, Brit pop and California sunshine, Loomis & the Lust has created a top notch pop rock sound that swirls with a light-hearted, fun-time attitude that conjures up visions of palm trees and good times. After releasing a batch of clever, catchy songs in their first EP last year, Loomis and the Lust quickly started making waves, being named one of the “Top 25 New Bands in the Word” by MTV Iggy, winning an MTVU “Freshman” video award, appearing in an online ad campaign for Subway. All their songs are danceable and contain so much energy that if you don’t move a body part while listening, you most likely don’t have a pulse.

Good Time Lover


Motherland by Lenelle Moïse

Lenelle Moïse is a poet, playwright, vox musician & internationally-touring performance artist. In addition to regular performances at colleges and theatres across the USA and Canada, she has been featured in venues as diverse as the the United Nations, the Omega Institute, the Louisiana Superdome and off-Broadway at the Culture Project. She is the 2010-2012 Poet Laureate of Northampton, MA.



I Confess by Mama's Dirty Li'l Secret

The power trio that is Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret delivers a musical punch that can only be described as the sonic love child born of the torrid love affair between Soul and Punk. With big soulful choruses, catchy riffs, booming bass and thunder grooves, you will catch the Mama’s Dirty Lil’ Secret spirit and cut loose and rock.

I Confess


Goin Nowhere by FeelGood

Goin Nowhere- FeelGood

FeelGood is a 5 member band based out of Hollywood, CA. The group is known for groove-based music with high-energy shows. They blend funk, jazz, soul, rock and pop.


Your Love Is A Drug by Tristan Clopet

Your Love Is A Drug- Tristan Clopet

Throw Jeff Buckley and Anthony Kiedis in a room together, ask them not to come out until they’d written a top ten hit for the smart college crowd and you’ll arrive at Tristan Clopet.

The Toronto-born Clopet started his musical career playing gigs in New York. A summer at Berklee College in Boston convinced him that music was the only thing he ever wanted to do with his life, but not before having a Plan B. He enrolled at the University of Miami and despite making the dean’s list at one of America’s best private universities, Tristan took a big leap of faith and made music his full time gig. “Why put my life on hold? Why do anything else if this is what I love to do and I think I can make a living at it too?”


Better Mind by The Twin Cats

Better Mind- The Twin Cats

Indianapolis, Indiana’s prog-funk ensemble, The Twin Cats, have been on the path to creating their own distinctive approach to fusion music since their line up was finalized in 2004 by blending influences from funk to prog rock, jazz and electronica.


Find A Way - Mojada

Find A Way - Mojada

MOJADA  (mo-jah-da) 

After taking out the 2009 New Artists to Radio Competition, Mojada’s ‘Find A Way’ has been warming up the Australian music scene as the teaser first single release from their Debut Studio Album. 

Find A Way was the #1 most added track to Australian Commercial Radio (Adult Contemporary), and #6th overall in its week of release. Since then it has been on the Top 20 most played Independent artists chart each week, and has been added to Pay TV and Free to Air Music channels. 

After arriving back from the USA at the start of 2009 with some fresh mixes, Mojada capped off their most successful year to date ahead of their Debut Studio Album release set for later in 2010.

After landing sync deals for 2 of the tracks from their US mixed April released EP ‘Exactly’, a 3rd track went on to win the 2009 New Artists to Radio Competition..!


War on the Dance Floor by DJ Motion Potion

War on the Dance Floor by DJ Motion Potion

MoPo (aka Robbie Kowal) is one of America’s most versatile, experienced and flat-out joyous party rockers. His decade long mission is to ‘put the party back into the party’, and to connect the casual music fan with the hard core dance music mavens; proving that music is more than just beats. San Francisco’s bootleg indie remix partypusher, is known for a rare ability to play exactly the right music for the moment and an expertise with a wide variety of genres that he seamlessly melds into a coherent blend. Since breaking out as a rare groove Dj in the 90’s he has spent the 21st Century defining a sound he calls “Electric Nostalgia” using eclectic club styles, break beat, trip hop and tech funk as a backdrop for his genre-bending experiments.

From a near religious love of funk and hip hop, to a lifetime study of rock and roll to a massive aptitude for latin, reggae and other outernational formats, MoPo incorporates bits and pieces of music culture into electronic edits that slam the dancefloor. As a backdrop, he creates, edits or chooses only the biggest baddest breaks, hooks and drops to create a sound that truly slams. To the dancer, MoPo is a breath of fresh air, often transforming a room into collective song or crowd chant that connect the audience to the DJ.


Dax McCarty's Magic Elixir by The Twin Cats

Dax McCarty’s Magic Elixir by The Twin Cats

Indianapolis, Indiana’s prog-funk ensemble, The Twin Cats, have been on the path to creating their own distinctive approach to fusion music since their line up was finalized in 2004 by blending influences from funk to prog rock, jazz and electronica.


Pick Your Face Up Off the Floor by Farrad

Pick Your Face Up Off the Floor by Farrad

“If you have not had a chance to check out the correctness known as Farrad, then take a peek…he is definitely one to watch and if you don’t find yourself busting a move while listening to this you must have a giant stick shoved sideways up you’re a**. TRUST.” (Walt Cessna, contributor to BlackBook & A Shaded View On Fashion)