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It's All About Funk by Da' Mutta' Funka's

Da’ Mutta’ Funka’s have released their first album “It’s All About Funk”.  If you ready to get your Funk on, then click on this link:

It’s All About Funk

There is a free download available for “Funker’s Dozen” available here (just put in zero for price):

Funker’s Dozen

Hope you enjoy!!!

May Da’ Funk B Wit U


Oogie Boogie of Da’ Mutta’ Funka’s


"Bring Me the Barrel" by "Ms. Moxie"

“Ms. Moxie”

Funky R&B Soul Shakin’ Booty Music!!


"Bring Me the Barrel" by "Ms. Moxie"


Love So Cruel by Whale Hawk

Whale Hawk is a Queens, NY Based musician who is part of a larger collective called The Cuebro Producers. We operate mostly in our own podular, project studio - worlds that range from NYC to The Hudson Valley to Denver, CO.

Love So Cruel by Whale Hawk