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Puree of Scorched Tomatoes by Desmond Jones 

Puree of Scorched Tomatoes off of our new EP “Marketplace”


Puree of Scorched Tomatoes by Desmond Jones


Six Fingers

Progressive Rock instrumental quartet

Six Fingers


2 B Loved by Itaal Shur

The freedom to compose and create a dynamic body of work is afforded to a special few artists of each generation, musicians who deftly coordinate the chemistry of exceptional talent and exceptional opportunity. Itaal Shur is one of these rare and free musical craftsmen, with a career that includes top-shelf status as a songwriter, producer, and a Grammy Award for Song of the Year for the multi-Platinum hit “Smooth,”, recorded by Carlos Santanna and Rob Thomas.

2 B Loved by Itaal Shur


Come Be The Man by the JamezBand

Fairs was the principle songwriter, producer and guitarist for 1960’s regional wonders The Cryan’ Shames, Midwestern legends who ruled the charts on Chicago radio station WLS between 1966 and 1969.

Come Be The Man by the JamezBand


Again and Again by The Cal Payne Project

For Cal Payne, it truly is all about the music. Far beyond the cliché and deeper than a casual flirtation with melody and sound, Cal Payne is a player to his core. With a jazz/instrumental style that combines elements of R&B, latin, fusion jazz, and rock, his performance and presence invokes a combination of Grover Washington Jr. and Santanna. Driven by an unceasing desire to compose and perform, he is most alive when engaged in the emotional and spiritual experience of making music. Music: this is the essence of the Cal Payne Project.

Again and Again by The Cal Payne Project