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Entries in Gangsta Rap (2)


DJ Hero by P-Wonda

Rap Star 50 Cent took notice after hearing P-Wonda go hard on the classic “Stick You if You Stunt” record. 50 tried to sign the talented young lyricist, but P-Wonda stayed loyal to his independent label and family Othaz Records. Now free and clear of all legal woes, Othaz Records and P-Wonda’s management company Monalis360 are eager to get his music to the masses and introduce the world to the “Middle East” movement; the rap scene that’s making noise in The Carolinas, Virginias and surrounding regions.

DJ Hero by P-Wonda


Put Your Hands Up High by Gangstagrass

Gangstagrass, was just nominated for an Emmy for the theme song of the hit FX series: Justified. The show stars award winning actor Timothy Olyphant and features the song “Long Hard Times to Come”, written exclusively for the show by Gangstagrass!

Sometimes you just know what has to be done and you can’t put it off any longer. History has to be made and there is no other way to do it than to just jump in the deep end and start swimming.

Put Your Hands Up High by Gangsta Grass