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Redemption by Dee Stone Band

This is the brand new single and title track from the forthcoming Dee Stone Band album. Now available at iTunes and CD Baby.  For more info, please visit Dee’s Website.

Based in Washington, DC, the Dee Stone Band is funked-up progressive rock and soul swagger spiced with a dash of jazz. Chunky grooves, searing guitar solos, and amazing vocals birth a satisfying, groovalicious stew that will have you jumping out of your seat. Don’t fight the feeling. It’s good for your soul!

Redemption by Dee Stone Band


Goodship by The Driftwood Sailors

The Driftwood Sailors are a Swag Rock band from Rochester, NY. A collective soul of haunting soul, deeper than the swamps of Mississippi and the swagger of a cane swinging pimp. Their live track “Goodship” puts you right there. Check out for more.

Goodship by The Driftwood Sailors


Moon Window by The Gabe Smith Debacle

Gabe is a singer/songworker from Northern OH. This is an offering from a set of recordings with band. 

Moon Window by The Gabe Smith Debacle