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Mako - World Set Alight

WorldSet Alight is the new single by MAKO. 

WorldSet Alight is the new single by MAKO.

Declan O’Shea and Christian Montagne are the brains behind the rock group MAKO both are former members of the internationally acclaimed band Cyclefly.

The beautiful graffiti and street art work used in this video was shot while on tour in Brazil.Alight is the new sin

Mako - World Set Alight


Unfold by Frederick

Frederick is a band hailing from the music-loving city of Austin, Texas. The band began as a project of singer/songwriter Neil Faulkner, and has since evolved into a collaboration between musicians from diverse backgrounds. This diversity contributes to the band’s unique sound, melding influences of Americana, Indie Rock, and Folk, to name a few. Even prior to the release of Frederick’s 4-song, self-titled EP in August of 2013, the band was already creating a buzz.

Unfold by Frederick


We Lived Our Lives by STAYA

Third pre-album single by European modern alternative/industrial metal band Staya. Other singles can be checked at iTunes


We Lived Our Lives by STAYA


I Know by Good King Friday

What happens when classical musicians decide to make smart, beautiful pop music.  This one has a unbearably catchy chorus with a New Orleans Jazz arrangement.

I Know by Good King Friday


The Bills by Disconnected

Disconnected is a rock band from Indonesia, which fuses element of Punk, hardrock and electronic music.

The bills, the latest single by Disconnected that released in Jan 2011 is one of the songs that would bring Disconnected to a worldwide exposure. The Bills is can be downloaded on the band’s website on May 2011. Disconnected will release their new album that will feature 10 songs. This self-titled album will be available worldwide on digital.

Find Disconnected:




The Bills by Disconnected


Surrender by Jennings

Jennings: Small Frame, Big Voice:

The old adage “big things come in small packages” has perhaps never been more fitting for an artist than in the case of Jennings, the one-name moniker of New York based siren Mary Jennings.

Standing just a shade over five feet tall, Jennings delivers a robust and heartfelt sound that is anything but small-scale.

Surrender by Jennings


Kill This Low by Twin Berlin

Building a cult following for a rabid live show (vocalist/guitarist Matt Lopez has been known to bleed) and a high-energy sound that echoes the Libertines, Strokes and Arctic Monkeys, Twin Berlin are ready to shake up the growingly dormant rock n’ roll scene. No keyboards, no synths, no electro overproduction – just underground rock music played like 21-year-old madmen.


Kill This Low by Twin Berlin


Sweetest Girl by Vices I Admire

This song is the third track on our sophomore release: “The Politics of Apathy”, hope you guys like it! If you would like to hear more, feel free to visit to download our entire discography for free!

Sweetest Girl by Vices I Admire


You Don't Have To by Metropolis America

Metropolis America is irreverent indie rock like if The Cure and Madonna had a child. Their sound is catchy, yet disaffected, Cold Pop, if you will. Lyrically, the message is the message. The news is that there is news.

You Don't Have To by Metropolis America


Rebel by Goldishack Guerillas

Goldishack Guerrillas is a band on a mission: In a country where a culture of war has become business as usual, the Guerrillas fight back with a raucous mix of hip hop, guitars and political will to bring a message louder than any television.

Rebel by Goldishack Guerillas


The Reverse Midas Touch by Camp Pine Cone

Camp Pine Cone is the final auditory home for the music created by this guy who goes by the name of Big Chief Awesome. That should be enough for you right there but if you still aren’t convinced; it is rumored that when Chuck Norris asked Big Chief Awesome if he could play guitar in Camp Pine Cone and was denied, Chuck Norris cried. 

The Reverse Midas Touch by Camp Pine Cone


Eyes by Neon Legion

Verity, Equity, Acuity.

These are the meanings of the symbols in the Kressin family crest, and also the foundation of Neon Legion, the rock band based around German-born composer and multi-instrumentalist Philip Kurt Kressin. In a music landscape where many artists are concerned with shiny veneers over artistic content, Kressin demands that his work stand for something. With Empire, the debut Neon Legion album, he seeks to honor the values of his forefathers while crafting a sound that brings together elements of rock, electronic, and classical music, honoring his own personal tradition.

Eyes by Neon Legion


Summer Home by Peter Buzzelle

Peter Buzzelle (Vocals, Drums, Guitar) is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and indie rock musician from Boston, Massachusetts. Buzzelle’s main influences are mixed amongst artists such as Elliott Smith, Morrissey and Grizzly Bear. Buzzelle is an original singer and songwriter whose lyrics and vocal melodies are memorable. His music tells a story about his life and his experiences, with a blend of unique genres that give him a different sound. Buzzelle has written and recorded his newly released debut album “To Telescope” with the help of Chris Zerby, a producer from California. In the beginning of his career, Peter was the founder of a band called Frequency dB that has toured for over half a decade across the west coast of the United States with well known bands such as The Poises. Buzzelle is an independent musician that has learnt to market himself and manage his own career over the years. His album “To Telescope” tells a story about his life and his experiences amongst a broad range of genres that creates a unique and refreshing sound.

Summer Home by Peter Buzzelle


Put Your Hands Up High by Gangstagrass

Gangstagrass, was just nominated for an Emmy for the theme song of the hit FX series: Justified. The show stars award winning actor Timothy Olyphant and features the song “Long Hard Times to Come”, written exclusively for the show by Gangstagrass!

Sometimes you just know what has to be done and you can’t put it off any longer. History has to be made and there is no other way to do it than to just jump in the deep end and start swimming.

Put Your Hands Up High by Gangsta Grass


Fancy by Jonesez (Australia)

New track from indie rockers Jonesez off the debut album Betty’s Soup. This track was written after Mark left his suitcase behind at a hotel and had to carry on with the tour. It ended up being 13 days without a change of clothes, playing and smelling horrendously bad almost every night. So that is what Fancy is about…smelling bad and learning to love it.



Carolina Tide by John Mark McMillan

With comparisons ranging from Springsteen to Yorn, singer/songwriter John Mark McMillan’s music has been described as “gutsy, poetic rock ‘n’ roll.” The native North Carolinian draws from his Southern, “preader’s kid” roots to create spiritually-minded indie rock that is connecting with mainstream and Gospel music fans.

Carolina Tide


Today by Second Dan

Second Dan is ready to re-emerge after the past year holed up in the studio working on their new album, “Angeline”. These new recordings should cement the band in the echelons of New York City’s scene, building on the success of their debut album “Bringing Down Goliath”.



You Looked Good by The Public Good

Although The Public Good have all the makings of a great power-pop band, their gritty sound and offbeat perspective add up to something else; something that defies easy labels. They are a band with something to say and their own way of saying it.

You Looked Good


Where You Were by Miles

Where You Were- Miles

Miles’ music is all about forward motion, a factor amply illustrated by the blurred car lights pictured on the band’s first full-length, As Fast as You Can. And much like those vehicles on that light-streaked highway, Miles is on a quest to illuminate dark paths, in search of the bright side of the road. The track “All Along” expresses this luminous desire perfectly.


Looking for Change - Purple Tree

Looking for Change - Purple Tree

Purple Tree: John Lennon meets early Pink Floyd.