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The Lesson by Tracorum

Title track for the 2011 release “The Lesson” by San Francisco’s original Rock n Soul band Tracorum.

The Lesson by Tracorum


Carbulator by Mojo Mancini

Put five musicians together in a room and let them improvise. Hit the record button. What will you end up with? This is a song from Mojo Mancini’s stunning self-titled debut. 

Carbulator by Mojo Mancini


Curtis by Todd Clouser

Todd Clouser, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, is an accomplished guitarist, composer, producer, and writer with credits on over a dozen national releases and a number of albums as bandleader, highlighted by the organic compositions of 2006’s “Baja”, 2008’s modern groove record “Beatnik Highway”, and his newest collective, Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric, an aggressive, intuitive mash of 70’s rock, Curtis Mayfield groove, and modern jazz. Clouser’s production and playing span a number of genres, most recently settling in the modern jazz idiom after years of fronting rock acts.

Curtis by Todd Clouser


She Comes and Goes by Rob Drabkin

Rob Drabkin. His hair is a playful cross between The Simpson’s Sideshow Bob character and Jimi Hendrix. His music? Imagine a jazzy improv by Dave Matthews where he invites Paul Simon to join him onstage.

She Comes and Goes


Cowboy Movie by 8 Ball Aitken

Cowboy Movie by 8 Ball Aitken

Coming from a farming community in Far North Queensland, 8 Ball Aitken is the oldest son of an impoverished family of twelve children. 8 Ball spent his adolescence on a banana plantation, living in a rough tobacco shed with resident rats, bats, snakes, and spiders as his sleeping companions. He started work as a farm labourer aged fifteen, doing back-breakingly hard work on the mango and banana plantations of the Atherton Tablelands, a man’s work for a boy’s pay. He had to help support his family with these wages.


Jiriki by Sokoband

Jiriki by Sokoband

Flamenco meets Santana via Brubeck — soaring electric guitars (Steve Kimock), driving acoustics (Tim Reynolds), and Dave Matthews vocal improv wrapped in a tightly grooving package. This radio edit omits Mike Sokolowski & Nir Z’s blistering piano/drums duet. Hear the full version on Sokoband (released 3/9/2010).


Yellow Moon - 8 Ball Aitken

Yellow Moon by 8 Ball Aitken

8 Ball Aitken is authentic — a real-deal Outback character who rattles the roof, stomps the planks, and gets his audiences whooping and hollering along in a frenzy of pure exuberance.  He plays a sizzling hot blend of original Australian roots-rock, served up spiced with country and blues — roots music with balls.