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Strollin' by Steven Sirski Trio

A demo track from my upcoming solo jazz album recorded while travelling through SE Asia. Visit my website for more info:

Strollin' by Steven Sirski Trio


Puree of Scorched Tomatoes by Desmond Jones 

Puree of Scorched Tomatoes off of our new EP “Marketplace”


Puree of Scorched Tomatoes by Desmond Jones


The Wee Trio - "The Man Who Sold The World"

 The Wee Trio manages to reimagine Bowie’s music while staying true to its spirit and energy. They simultaneously show their talent as jazz musicians while performing the music from the perspective of true Bowie fans.

The Wee Trio - The Man Who Sold The World


Keen by Liz Queler & Seth Farber

With stellar musical track records that include work on renowned studio projects, world tours, Broadway musicals, performances in top-notch clubs and festivals, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, TV and film soundtracks, and production on two Grammy nominated albums, it’s clear which side of the good/great split Liz Queler & Seth Farber are on This husband and wife duo are lifelong professional musicians who literally grew up in the business and are now sharing the same great tradition with their 12 year-old son Joey Farber, who is also a budding musical star in his own right. Much like Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, and Bruce Hornsby, Liz & Seth’s eclectic folk/rock, Americana and bluegrass style is rooted in storytelling and songwriting, bringing evocative text alive with exceptional music.

Keen by Liz Queler & Seth Farber


KuPaa by Kenny Love

Jazz/World recording artist Kenny Love has worn many hats in the musical arena — international radio/video promoter, media publicist, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist. His foray into the world of music began at the tender age of four when, as he recalls, “A miniature trumpet was casually removed from my grasp (and lips) during preparation for a March of Dimes parade as a result of my having failed to cause it to transmit sound, although I was huffing and puffing quite professionally.” This would later become the first instrument for which he received formal training and ultimately mastered.

KuPaa by Kenny Love


Maktoub by ATLAS SOUL

Maktoub means  - it’s written- it’s the destin!

Atlas Soul’s third album title “Maktoub” 2009

Atlas Soul is an award-winning band based in Boston performing original music that celebrates and bridge Afro-Mediterranean melodies & grooves with Jazz and Funk thus naturally creating new powerful genres of music one could describe as Maghrebian-Funk, Rock’n Raï and Shaabi-Jazz.

Maktoub by ATLAS SOUL


I Just Found Out About Love by Erin Dickins

After a decade plus hiatus from the music business, jazz vocalist Erin Dickins is back with a new album and a new attitude. A founding member of the original jazz vocal group Manhattan Transfer, Dickins’ latest CD Nice Girls is a collection of beautifully recorded, exquisitely performed and brilliantly chosen gems - from cool sultry ballads to swinging arrangements. The release is the perfect soundtrack to Dickins’ comeback.

I Just Found Out About Love by Erin Dickins


Playing Me by Phoebe Legere

Phoebe Legere, is a jazz composer, pianist, singer and multi-instrumentalist of French Canadian, Mayflower Pilgrim and Native American descent. The New York Times wrote:

‘Phoebe Legere plays the piano with enormous authority in a style that encompasses Chopin, blues, ragtime, bebop and beyond, and she brings to her vocal delivery a four and a half octave range, and an extraordinary palette of tonal color and meticulous phrasing.’

Playing Me by Phoebe Legere


People by Cisco Wayne

Great jazzy hiphop/R&B beat.

People by Cisco Wayne


"Open Up A Window" by Sean Hayes


Carbulator by Mojo Mancini

Put five musicians together in a room and let them improvise. Hit the record button. What will you end up with? This is a song from Mojo Mancini’s stunning self-titled debut. 

Carbulator by Mojo Mancini


A Saca Camote Con El PiÈ by Corina Bartra

The Azú Project is a ground-breaking fusion Afro Peruvian Music and Jazz with pop infused elements mainly. The Saraswati Inti Project is a blend of Indian, Andean and American pop-Folk.

A Saca Camote Con El PiÈ by Corina Bartra


Again and Again by The Cal Payne Project

For Cal Payne, it truly is all about the music. Far beyond the cliché and deeper than a casual flirtation with melody and sound, Cal Payne is a player to his core. With a jazz/instrumental style that combines elements of R&B, latin, fusion jazz, and rock, his performance and presence invokes a combination of Grover Washington Jr. and Santanna. Driven by an unceasing desire to compose and perform, he is most alive when engaged in the emotional and spiritual experience of making music. Music: this is the essence of the Cal Payne Project.

Again and Again by The Cal Payne Project


Waterfalls by Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band

For Patty, Melissa, Scotty, and Travis, it really is a family affair. This foursome stretches their biological connections through to their creative tissue as the Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band (DFJB), an incomparable collective with a Jazz/Americana/Soul/Folk sound that, by all reasonable accounts, functions quite nicely, thank you. As the history of their marvelous and complex family relationships comes out in their music, it is clear that this is a community, a truly relational organism. The way they work, the way they live, and the way they make music is an expression of family, through and through.

Waterfalls by Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band


Curtis by Todd Clouser

Todd Clouser, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, is an accomplished guitarist, composer, producer, and writer with credits on over a dozen national releases and a number of albums as bandleader, highlighted by the organic compositions of 2006’s “Baja”, 2008’s modern groove record “Beatnik Highway”, and his newest collective, Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric, an aggressive, intuitive mash of 70’s rock, Curtis Mayfield groove, and modern jazz. Clouser’s production and playing span a number of genres, most recently settling in the modern jazz idiom after years of fronting rock acts.

Curtis by Todd Clouser


Look of Love by Sylvia Bennett

Grammy nominated Sylvia Bennett, the timeless smooth jazz and pop vocalist sings of love with a warmth, clarity and spirit that is enveloping and tender, showcasing the depth of her skill, talent and experience. She’s sung with Lionel Hampton and she’s sung for presidents - all with a singular style and intimacy that is hers and hers alone.

Look of Love by Sylvia Bennett


Games by Jamie Kent and the Options

A fresh, young 23-year-old singer-songwriter with big dreams and an ever-expanding fanbase, local artist Jamie Kent’s future as a performer looks quite promising. Drawing on influences from modern artists like Jack Johnson and Jamie Cullum, as well as paying tribute to classic greats Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra, Kent’s perfectly mellifluous tunes are roll-the-windows-down, soak-up-some-sun kind of good.

Games by Jamie Kent and the Options


I Can't Wait (20th anniversary edition) by Nu Shooz Orchestra

More than two decades after their 1986 Top Ten Hit single, “I Can’t Wait,” took the world by storm, NU SHOOZ returns with a new album, “Pandora’s Box”, and a 10 piece orchestra Gil Evans would have loved. Formed in Portland, Oregon in the summer of 1979, their line-up has changed over time, but in all its various forms, they’ve always pushed the boundaries between pop, funk, and jazz. Now, with the release of Pandora’s Box, Portland’s favorite soul explorers take one giant leap for mankind with a brave new sound, combining their signature brand of funk with elements borrowed from Film Noir, ‘60s Spy Movies and even Tarzan.

I Can't Wait Nu Shooz


Maybe Tomorrow by Davy Mooney

Davy Mooney is a world-renowned jazz guitarist who also sings and writes melodic, lyrically complex, and often nostalgic tunes with his alter-ego band ‘Davy Mooney and the Ghosts’. Featuring his guitar playing and vocals as well as saxophone and piano stylings from virtuoso musicians, the ‘Ghosts’ weave a genre-defying musical tapestry that aims, first and foremost, for the heart.

Maybe Tomorrow by Davy Mooney


Clarion by Tin Pan

Tin Pan connotes a world from the past – the most dominant and enlightened strains of American music of the early part of the 20th century – jazz, blues and American popular song. But it would be a mistake to say that Tin Pan is fixed in that past. Rather, it is music created to be enjoyed profoundly and joyously in the present. The band has created a rabid following by playing music that resonates powerfully because its intention is pure – to make people dance, smile and conjure with the spirit of music itself. On their new album, Hound’s Tooth, the band has perfected their sonic vision – effortless, wondrous and festive, feeling much like, as the band describes themselves, Ray Charles and Tom Waits at a Bourbon Street Parade.

Clarion by Tin Pan