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"True God Flow" by Mega EvErs

“True God Flow” is a track off of Mega’s recently released album entitled “No ConCept”. Mega EvErs is known for draping his lyrics with crucial punch lines and undeniable realism. He lives in Seattle WA

True God Flow by Mega EvErs


F**** ME WITH A STICK by Cooler by the Lake

As a response to mounting gun violence and gun control issues, the new hit single from Cooler by the Lake delivers a rock solid, bump and groove foray into the absurd alternative of using broken tree branches to fight, over knives or guns. After a few whacks to the noggin, the listener is transported to a fantasy realm where the final stand is made in a dizzying state. And when the the smoke clears, it shall be decided who will “lick the stick.”

F**** ME WITH A STICK by Cooler by the Lake


Run by Sean T Wright

  • Singer, songwriter and early pilgrim of free lo-fi DIY music (1976 to present) with 100+ albums, hundreds of songs, and a volcano full of fans. 
  • One man, one vision: writing, recording, & releasing 50 albums in 50 months!

Run by Sean T Wright


Freestyle by E Philz

Freestyle by E Philz

E Philz is an artist out of New Jersey currently working out of Austin, Texas.

This is off the upcoming PreAlbum Mixtape in production now! Hear more & learn about from E Philz on ReverbNation

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'featherhead' by Motion Theory

featherhead by Motion Theory

The title track of Motion Theory’s debut, that won Manchester Music Unsigned Album of the Week in September 2009.  This song was also a semifinalist in the UK Songwriting Contest 2009.  Learn more and download the whole album free at