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ThrashGangsters "Terror Has Begun"

Title track of “Terror Has Begun” Demo-EP.

Official Music Video published:



ThrashGangsters - Terror Has Begun


Artifact by Despot

Artifact is a song by Black Metal band Despot. It’s a single from the band’s “Pictures of the Void” EP. The lyrics are based on the “Roadside Picnic” book by the Stugratsky brothers and the movie based on the book, “Stalker”, by Andrei Tarkovsky.



We Lived Our Lives by STAYA

Third pre-album single by European modern alternative/industrial metal band Staya. Other singles can be checked at iTunes


We Lived Our Lives by STAYA


Light Your Journey Home by Sankara

A hard rocking piece from South Wales based band - Sankara. It is in drop A tuning and will refresh parts other can only dream of!
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Light Your Journey Home by Sankara


It Happens by Rausch

8-year-old Doug Rausch was faithful to the piano. One day as he was leaving for a lesson, his father slipped him a white unmarked envelope to hand the teacher. After arriving at her studio and following Dad’s instructions, he eagerly climbed onto the bench and tossed his book open, ready to play. The practice week had been less than perfect, but he didn’t feel that should hold him back in any way. Today he would learn the Key of G!
“It says you’re quitting,” she blurted out…

RAUSCH did not quit; he has been studying, writing, practicing, performing, and otherwise living music relentlessly ever since the day his parents all but wrote him off. This obsession recently landed him a degree from the prestigious Ithaca College School of Music in New York, where he won recognition as concerto competition finalist with Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. A diverse following began to build as his tireless vision of resuscitating rock and roll collided headfirst with his obligations to “serious music.” For the encore of an ambitious recital on the eve of his 21st birthday, his 13-piece band joined him in tribute to Guns N Roses. November Rain took a classical music school to tears.

It Happens by Rausch


Thinking About You by Starfire

Keyboardist & lead vocalist Dairenn Lombard has been playing synthesizer keyboard and electric/acoustic guitar for over 23 years, and writing songs for nearly 15 years, Dairenn has spent the past eight years in his home studio engineering and mixing the recordings, including those for the 2010 debut CD “Eye of the Storm.” When not recording, he has spent the last two years performing solo, acoustic sets throughout southern California.

Thinking About You


Resemblance by Subanez

Resemblance- Subanez

“Bing. Bang. Ding. One dead. The other shot.” These words would haunt Kevin Auger and become a catalyst for his life and music.

Kevin Auger, A.K.A. Subanez, is a one man alternative metal band with modern rock under pinnings. Subanez is a study of the human condition. The music is Kevin’s attempt to understand and live in a world that can be extremely cruel and chaotic. As a shy child growing up in Portsmouth, NH, Kevin spent a lot of time alone. He’d take his bike out on a seemingly endless journey around town to avoid the stifling tension at home. From an early age, Kevin struggled with his need for a meaningful connection to others and his inability to find it.