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Like This - The Night

This is our new single - basically we would like to know what the think tank listeners/readers think - what does it make you feel? Would you buy our record based on this experience?

Like This


This Ain't The Same Old Music


Swagged up NEW HIT MUST SEE!!!!!!!!

I go by the name D-Avid im a Houston tx upcoming artist still doing it all for SelfMadeMusixGroup. My name says it all im avid with this rapping and im the next big hype that will be coming up from where i did.. Ready to hear a changeup in music then click the link and listen. If you enjoyed the song please like it and subscribe to my channel also and look out for more hits dropping in the near future. Thanks from the whole SMMG D-Avid..


Shun Ward - Lift Off


Shun Ward - I Stole One


Shun Ward - Sip Out My Cup


As Of Tonight by Red City Format

Red City Format is from Los Angeles originally from Philly

From December Demos, a preview with 3 songs coming off the debut album in 2012


Without a Sign by Chantelle Delves

Listeners will find themselves singing along to this song long before the last notes linger into the air.

Catchy, memorable, and radio-ready, this is the best track of the album. ~ Bobby Jo Valentine

Without a Sign by Chantelle Delves


Rewind by Chantelle Delves

Newest Australian artist to hit the scene!

Indie Pop/Rock Ballad filled with emotion :)

Rewind by Chantelle Delves


Further by Young Dread

Further by Recording Artist Young Dread



fresh electro music by the Dirty Honkers

What is the new music thing for this decade? Many people inculding myself would right away think of the electronic music. The party scene being huge in Berlin (where I work), this is the cutting edge that allows you to touch and interest young hip people on a broad scale.

But unfortunately, I keep on being disappointed by the crutial lack of creativity in a field that leaves so much space for new things. Basically the standards imposed by major Dj’s and Labels tend to become more and more established and everybody seems to go by this unwritten book. 

The next thing is about breaking out the scene and let new blood in. Mixing the live music in electro IS the next thing. The challenge is now for musicians and producers to be able to work together in a similar direction. Some bands are aware of that and propose a new approach to music, half way between a concert and a dj set. The song I put up along with this post is representational of this idea.

check out the tracks by the bands Dirty Honkers and Jazzsteppa. Refreshing stuff!