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Modern Nocturne

New original instrumental music

Modern nocturne


It's A Love In, Baby! by Miss Kristin

Love and fun are in the air with It’s A Love In, Baby! The latest single from Miss Kristin and her collection WHOLE IN MY SOUL from Big Fuss Records.

It's A Love In, Baby! by Miss Kristin


A Saca Camote Con El PiÈ by Corina Bartra

The Azú Project is a ground-breaking fusion Afro Peruvian Music and Jazz with pop infused elements mainly. The Saraswati Inti Project is a blend of Indian, Andean and American pop-Folk.

A Saca Camote Con El PiÈ by Corina Bartra


Another Day by The Ken Myers Project

Ambient new age piece now ranked in the top artist (ambient genre) Last.FM Japan. Heavily influenced by pioneer German electronic music artists (such as Klaus Schulze) and film music icons Thomas Newman, Alexandre Desplat, and many others, this artist’s compositions reflect a close relationship to the visual arts, while the structures of his works suggest very calm and peaceful soundscapes.

Another Day by The Ken Myers Project


Guruji by Sharon Gannon

She wouldn’t be comfortable saying it herself, of course, but some might call Sharon Gannon a rock star of the yoga world. The co-founder of the pivotal Jivamukti yoga method, she’s known worldwide as an influential teacher and advisor, and continues to help legions of students gain enlightenment via her own classes and those at Jivamukti-affiliated schools and centers around the globe, as well as through books and instructional DVDs. In truth, however, Sharon is a 21st-century Renaissance woman, one who excels in many disciplines, such as dance, writing, poetry, painting, cooking, and political activism. But before everything else—even yoga—her first medium is, and has always been, music.

Guruji by Sharon Gannon


Hush Little Baby - Music for Deep Sleep

Hush Little Baby - Music for Deep Sleep


This latest installment from the best-selling Music for Deep Sleep series, features timeless piano renditions of lullabies performed by Dizzy Reed.  The album offers gentle improvisations of classics tunes  such as “Brahms Lullaby” and “Swedish Cradle Song”.


Heartwood by Sora

Heartwood by Sora

If you’re standing in a forest, tilting your head way back to glimpse the tops of all those majestic, thickly trunked trees, it’s just impossible not to be moved by their centuries-old resilience; the stoic strength that sees them through even the harshest storms that Mother Nature can unleash. Yet locked deep within the core of each of those mighty oaks and towering sequoias is something even stronger than their outwardly impressive surface layers: the heartwood. A tree’s densest, most durable—and often most beautiful—element, the heartwood is the robust, knotty marrow that keeps it standing proud and tall for all to marvel at. And not only is Heartwood also the name of Canadian singer-songwriter Sora’s astonishing third release, it’s as well the perfect metaphor for her music: gorgeous, rich, endlessly enduring.


Jiriki by Sokoband

Jiriki by Sokoband

Flamenco meets Santana via Brubeck — soaring electric guitars (Steve Kimock), driving acoustics (Tim Reynolds), and Dave Matthews vocal improv wrapped in a tightly grooving package. This radio edit omits Mike Sokolowski & Nir Z’s blistering piano/drums duet. Hear the full version on Sokoband (released 3/9/2010).


Light From A Narrow Window - Ann Sweeten

Light From A Narrow Window - Ann Sweeten


Ann Sweeten - Stylish and sophisticated technical composition in well-rooted classical themes is blended with originality and passion resulting in performances that pack an emotional wallop - cool score, neo-classical, new age redefined.