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Maverick (Prod by 2Blu) by Heath Antonio

Maverick” is a song of a modern day bad mother fucker, it takes place in the depths of my depression and fueled by pain and regret. I was in denial as I drowned in my despair, trying to fulfill my desires and replace that past love.



Maverick (Prod by 2Blu)


"It Could Be Me" by 1000 Generations

Musically sounding familiar to a car smash-up with Coldplay and Billy Joel as passengers, 1000 Generations is passionate for writing honest, unguarded lyrics that cry out to God. Produced by Steven Andy Potaczek and Steve Bishir. For more info on Steven Andy Potaczek and his music productions, visit To view the music video for this song, visit

It Could Be Me by 1000 Generations