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The Reverse Midas Touch by Camp Pine Cone

Camp Pine Cone is the final auditory home for the music created by this guy who goes by the name of Big Chief Awesome. That should be enough for you right there but if you still aren’t convinced; it is rumored that when Chuck Norris asked Big Chief Awesome if he could play guitar in Camp Pine Cone and was denied, Chuck Norris cried. 

The Reverse Midas Touch by Camp Pine Cone


Homestead by Poison Trixie

Found in 2009 as a solo project by singer Mikey Trix, Poison Trixie brings a unique blend of Pop punk into the alternative radio genre. With songs of hope, inner demons, love, strength, and some in well thought story tales, this group thrives off writing anything, and everything, for the love of the game. 

Homestead by Poison Trixie


May by Show Me The Skyline

May by Show Me The Skyline

At 17, Larzz Principato isn’t afraid to shake things up. He’s a singer/songwriter/guitarist and also founder of Show Me the Skyline a Pop/Rock band hailing from New Fairfield, CT. Larzz says, “I think that my fans identify with my music because most of my songs are about relationships. I write about love, sex, breaking up and eventually being strong enough to try again.”