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Zina Cantave New Debut Single

Pop Artist Zina Cantave New Single ‘Everything I Feel’ Now Available on:

iTunes URL direct link:

Singer/songwriter/pop & RNB star steadily climbing charts with this impressive new Single



Celebrating 70 open projects in Soundcloud

First sorry for my little English: I dont like autotraducors.

Mixed ideas, idiotias and, humblement , liked results in this four years I have upload seventy instrumentak themes (not right in ome i have very ridicul bruit some vocal sounds, it,s a comic theme). At least same 70 more in my drives.

Keep in mind, altrugh I am musician the last forty years my first computer comes in 2011. Before I knew nothing in computers. even copy/paste, drag n drop. Imaegine the handicap. In this time I stop a big alcohol problem also and my head was little bit much beyond. If you want the only pseudo order is chronologically INVERSE. More new first in page.

My last:

My site:



Breakdown by Dark Side Balcony

New single by singer/songwriter Joey Godfrey and Eric Bode.  In the Pop Rock genre this song came to life when two exceptional artists from opposite sides of the planet decided to team up and make something beautiful.

Check out more music by Dark Side Balcony at

Breakdown by Dark Side Balcony


"Living" by WORLD5 

Power ballad of the WORLD5 album Global Experience



One Girl Can Change the World by Shuree

Shuree is an indie pop artist from Chicago. Her blend of pop, rock, and dance music blend with gritty and soulful vocals to make a sound that is fun and funky.

Known for her high energy performances, positive lyrics, complete beauty, and in your face message,  Shuree is the very definition of being “pretty tough”.

Official website:

Follow Shuree on Twitter: @shureerivera

One Girl Can Change the World by Shuree


Sweetest Girl by Vices I Admire

This song is the third track on our sophomore release: “The Politics of Apathy”, hope you guys like it! If you would like to hear more, feel free to visit to download our entire discography for free!

Sweetest Girl by Vices I Admire


It's A Love In, Baby! by Miss Kristin

Love and fun are in the air with It’s A Love In, Baby! The latest single from Miss Kristin and her collection WHOLE IN MY SOUL from Big Fuss Records.

It's A Love In, Baby! by Miss Kristin


Home by Brett Ryan Stewart

Brett Ryan Stewart is a Nashville singer/songwriter whose lyrics lend a deep look into the artist’s life experience of loss, purpose and hope. The Delaware transplant and self-taught guitarist has a distinct indie/pop sound peppered with a southern influence which named him “…a talent worth watching!” by Performing Songwriter Magazine.

Home by Brett Ryan Stewart


The Way It Used To Be by Brian Franke

Brian Franke is a folk-rock singer/songwriter residing in the Washington, DC area. An up-and-coming artist with dynamic vocals, his music provides subtle commentary on life events, social issues, and politics, spanning such genres as rock, pop, and indie folk. 

The Way It Used To Be by Brian Franke


Everyman by Subplot A

Dr. Arun Lakra is a writer masquerading as an eye surgeon.
He wrote a song to impress a girl.
She married him anyway.
Seven years later, this is his debut album.

Everyman by Subplot A


The Dream is Alive by Billy Schafer

Billy Schafer soars into the chorus of “The Dream is Alive” filled with infectious passion and conviction. This song and the others from his debut CD, First to Believe, introduce Billy as a singer-songwriter with an intuitive and confident grasp of song-craft. Fueled by accessible melodies and emotive lyrics of romantic depth, wit, and uplifting inspiration, these recordings showcase a versatile vocal delivery of powerful but pure tones.

The Dream is Alive by Billy Schafer


Angels by Richard Kincaid

Richard Kincaid’s plaintive voice unleashed like an arrow from its bow, soars as it gathers momentum with yearning and unabashedly hits home in the heart. Longtime businessman and CEO of the largest publicly traded office real estate company in the United States, when his company sold in February 2007, Richard experienced a moment of reckoning. He faced a choice: he could step back onto the corporate treadmill or pursue projects that really mattered to him. “I didn’t want to continue on autopilot,” he says, “I wanted to make conscious decisions about my life and I needed outlets for my passion that corporate life never provided me.” Thus, Richard turned the page and began a new chapter in which he returned to his first love: music and simultaneously blazed a trail through new territory: philanthropy.

Angels by RIchard Kincaid


It Happens by Rausch

8-year-old Doug Rausch was faithful to the piano. One day as he was leaving for a lesson, his father slipped him a white unmarked envelope to hand the teacher. After arriving at her studio and following Dad’s instructions, he eagerly climbed onto the bench and tossed his book open, ready to play. The practice week had been less than perfect, but he didn’t feel that should hold him back in any way. Today he would learn the Key of G!
“It says you’re quitting,” she blurted out…

RAUSCH did not quit; he has been studying, writing, practicing, performing, and otherwise living music relentlessly ever since the day his parents all but wrote him off. This obsession recently landed him a degree from the prestigious Ithaca College School of Music in New York, where he won recognition as concerto competition finalist with Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. A diverse following began to build as his tireless vision of resuscitating rock and roll collided headfirst with his obligations to “serious music.” For the encore of an ambitious recital on the eve of his 21st birthday, his 13-piece band joined him in tribute to Guns N Roses. November Rain took a classical music school to tears.

It Happens by Rausch


Addiction by Kelly Green

With a voice to rival the depth and range of legends like Pat Benetar, Annie Lennox, and Ann Wilson, Kelly Greene is a musical force to be reckoned with. This Rock Singer-Songwriter/Musician serves up a tall drink of modern rock with a heavy twist of old school bite and lyrics deserving attention. Taking musical cues from influences like Weezer, Third Eye Blind and Van Halen, Greene delivers killer Rock songs that drive from beginning to end with raw emotion and no apologies.

Addiction by Kelly Green


You and Me by Jason Poe

A great pop song is easy to spot, but hard to create. That’s why singer/songwriter Jason Poe is obsessed with creating cleverly crafted hooks, relying on a piano and leaving his acoustic guitar behind. His catchy choruses and thoughtful lyrics leave listeners wanting more. Taking cues from musical greats like Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson, Jason has positioned himself somewhere in the musical spectrum between Aqualung and The Fray.

You and Me by Jason Poe


Guruji by Sharon Gannon

She wouldn’t be comfortable saying it herself, of course, but some might call Sharon Gannon a rock star of the yoga world. The co-founder of the pivotal Jivamukti yoga method, she’s known worldwide as an influential teacher and advisor, and continues to help legions of students gain enlightenment via her own classes and those at Jivamukti-affiliated schools and centers around the globe, as well as through books and instructional DVDs. In truth, however, Sharon is a 21st-century Renaissance woman, one who excels in many disciplines, such as dance, writing, poetry, painting, cooking, and political activism. But before everything else—even yoga—her first medium is, and has always been, music.

Guruji by Sharon Gannon


Good Time Lover by Loomis & the Lust

Embracing classic pop hooks, throwing in a bit of soul, Brit pop and California sunshine, Loomis & the Lust has created a top notch pop rock sound that swirls with a light-hearted, fun-time attitude that conjures up visions of palm trees and good times. After releasing a batch of clever, catchy songs in their first EP last year, Loomis and the Lust quickly started making waves, being named one of the “Top 25 New Bands in the Word” by MTV Iggy, winning an MTVU “Freshman” video award, appearing in an online ad campaign for Subway. All their songs are danceable and contain so much energy that if you don’t move a body part while listening, you most likely don’t have a pulse.

Good Time Lover


Need You Tonight by Johnny DeMarco

Johnny DeMarco is a songwriter/performer who understands the value of a well crafted song. Be it a ballad…soundtrack or a rocker, Johnny’s powerful, melodic and anthem oriented radio-ready songs are jam packed with attitude, honesty and integrity.

Need You Tonight


Today by Second Dan

Second Dan is ready to re-emerge after the past year holed up in the studio working on their new album, “Angeline”. These new recordings should cement the band in the echelons of New York City’s scene, building on the success of their debut album “Bringing Down Goliath”.



Magic by Emily Zuzik

Magic- Emily Zuzik

It’s a heartfelt song about star-crossed lovers and dedicated to anyone who’s recognized love’s connection and sacrificed it to avoid hurting others in the way. A favorite song in live shows, Emily produced this recording of Magic with good friend and former bandmate, Irakli Gaprindashvili, who claims to have loved the song from first hearing it at the late night open mic at Three of Cups Lounge in NYC.