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Ella by David Sasscer

Ella- David Sasscer

Dave is a New York City based singer songwriter. He was raised in Puerto Rico and currently performs his mesmerizing version of polyglot Spanish and English rock and reggae songs in clubs around New York City. He has just released his new album of Spanish Rock songs called “Cuentos de la Porta Del Sol (Capitulo Uno); available on iTunes and other online outlets.


You Will Never Change by Shelley & Cal

You Will Never Change- Shelley & Cal

Husband and wife duo, Shelley & Cal James have been fixtures on the Eugene, OR music scene for many years. The couple has been performing up and down the West Coast since 1993 and with their recent deal with 44-4 Records (distributed by Fontana) Shelley & Cal will be soon be spreading their brand of inspirational music nationwide.


Where You Were by Miles

Where You Were- Miles

Miles’ music is all about forward motion, a factor amply illustrated by the blurred car lights pictured on the band’s first full-length, As Fast as You Can. And much like those vehicles on that light-streaked highway, Miles is on a quest to illuminate dark paths, in search of the bright side of the road. The track “All Along” expresses this luminous desire perfectly.


Hustler With A Rescue Plan by Derek and the Darling

Hustler With A Rescue Plan- Derek and the Darling

Born from scene work on the Upright Citizens Brigade stage, Derek and the Darling formed an electro-pop band in late 2009 instead of an improv troupe because it was “way less nerdy.” “Rockface” the debut EP, arrives April 27, 2010


Goin Nowhere by FeelGood

Goin Nowhere- FeelGood

FeelGood is a 5 member band based out of Hollywood, CA. The group is known for groove-based music with high-energy shows. They blend funk, jazz, soul, rock and pop.


Too Sexy by Dewarren Moses

Too Sexy- Dewarren Moses

I’m a Performer/Entertainer from the small county of Edgecombe, North Carolina. I grew up on a farm working hard, attending church and listening to good music. I started writing songs after reading over some poems I had written in a creative writing course in school. It was a slow growth before I realized they were songs.


Icebreaker by Trishna Amin

Icebreaker- Trishna Amin

This is the part where Trishna spills her life story! Nah just playin, but really, it all started when she was 7, when she started singing and performing. The first song she technically ever sang was “Day-Oh (The Banana Boat Song)” by Harry Belafonte when she was 2, but no one wants to count their first step towards stardom in diapers and a plastic guitar. Since her childhood, singing songs and expressing herself on stage was Trishna’s way of “writing in a journal and telling stories and parts of myself in every song I sang”. She also started writing poems and songs at a very young age, weaving her thoughts into stories that could one day be put to melodies. She has branched out since then, performing in front of many different crowds. “From the beginning I have been inspired by a range of genres and challenged myself to learn innovative and new styles of singing.” Now Trishna sings all types of music, from hip-hop and pop to classical and modern Hindi music to rock, R&B and the list goes on. She has been trained in Western classical and Hindustani classical music. Trishna can also speak English, Spanish,Hindi, and Tulu, and she can sing in those languages, as well as German, Italian, and Irish.


Fire Inside by Elizabeth Tryon

Fire Inside- Elizabeth Tryon

She May Be Someone You Don’t Know You Want, Until You Get Her

Elizabeth Tryon has just released the album, From Elizabeth, and this stunning new work could come from no one other than Elizabeth Tryon. This is because it is unique – just like Tryon is. While Tryon’s music holds immediate appeal to fans of Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman, and their respective mixtures of pop and classical musical elements, Tryon – the artist – simply transcends any such easy categorization. After all, this is a woman that writes screenplays, has perfected multiple British accents — which are in high demand for commercial voiceover work — and is an actress in the highly competitive New York City theater scene.


Wasted Time by Melina Gerges

Wasted Time- Melina Gerges

Melina Gerges is thriving in today’s topsy-turvy music business because she is a renaissance woman with more skills than one can count. To begin with, this classically trained opera singer recently applied her studied vocal craft in the highly demanding Italian opera scene. At the same time, however, she is also Melina Gerges, the sophisticated American pop singer with a distinctly sassy, European vibe. This compelling combination of classical music training, along with American pop, European dance, and exotic Middle Eastern roots, leaves no question about her utter uniqueness. Without question, Gerges has no trouble standing out above the rest of the pop music crowd — especially in a music scene that oftentimes appears like vocalist cloning gone awry.


Your Love Is A Drug by Tristan Clopet

Your Love Is A Drug- Tristan Clopet

Throw Jeff Buckley and Anthony Kiedis in a room together, ask them not to come out until they’d written a top ten hit for the smart college crowd and you’ll arrive at Tristan Clopet.

The Toronto-born Clopet started his musical career playing gigs in New York. A summer at Berklee College in Boston convinced him that music was the only thing he ever wanted to do with his life, but not before having a Plan B. He enrolled at the University of Miami and despite making the dean’s list at one of America’s best private universities, Tristan took a big leap of faith and made music his full time gig. “Why put my life on hold? Why do anything else if this is what I love to do and I think I can make a living at it too?”


Pretty Picture by Katia

Pretty Picture- Katia

A classically trained pianist who remains one of the youngest vocal soloists ever to perform with the Russian Philharmonic, New York-based singer-songwriter Katia has a pop music style as unique as her background. Songs like her debut single “Girl Like Me” reveal her classical melodicism within a pure pop context, in which her lyrics-about the “day-to-day stuff that girls go through,” she says in typically engaging perfect English-are nailed by her beautiful but insistent singing voice.


Breathless by Little Invisibles

Breathless- Little Invisibles

“I’ve always been drawn to the darker sides of art and music,” says Little Invisibles vocalist Gina Degnars. “Even back when I started taking piano lessons, when I was seven years old—I always wanted to play the minor chords, not the major ones. There’s a powerful beauty in darkness, I think.”


Make A Change by John Brodeur

Make A Change- John Brodeur

“Get Through,” the latest solo release from NYC-based recording artist John Brodeur, features 12 songs forged by the intersection of darkness and light: Heavy lyrical themes are matched with major-key musical turns, and given occasional lift by the artist’s trademark sense of humor.

I’m raising funds through to issue a remastered and expanded version of my debut album, Tiger Pop, on the occasion of its 10th birthday. In addition to giving the original disc a once-over and revamping the artwork, I plan to add a second disc featuring demos, alternate mixes, lost tracks and new recordings. Ten percent of all the funds raised through this project will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The disc will be released in fall 2010. Details are at


Addicted - Kelli Renee

Addicted - Kelli Renee

Kelli Renee is a multi-talented performer born in Los Angeles, Calif. This beautiful songstress with “a girl next door “vibe and an allure that is so appealing is an amazing singer, dancer, and aspiring actress.


May by Show Me The Skyline

May by Show Me The Skyline

At 17, Larzz Principato isn’t afraid to shake things up. He’s a singer/songwriter/guitarist and also founder of Show Me the Skyline a Pop/Rock band hailing from New Fairfield, CT. Larzz says, “I think that my fans identify with my music because most of my songs are about relationships. I write about love, sex, breaking up and eventually being strong enough to try again.”


Come'on in my Kitchen by Black Madam  

Come’on in my Kitchen by Black Madam

The music business often attempt to place artists into a box in order to market said artist to the public. But what happens when an artist emerges that cannot be bound by stereotypes or conventional logic? What happens when an artist is fully capable of singing, rapping and producing? What happens is she calls herself Black Madam and creates her own lane.


Find A Way - Mojada

Find A Way - Mojada

MOJADA  (mo-jah-da) 

After taking out the 2009 New Artists to Radio Competition, Mojada’s ‘Find A Way’ has been warming up the Australian music scene as the teaser first single release from their Debut Studio Album. 

Find A Way was the #1 most added track to Australian Commercial Radio (Adult Contemporary), and #6th overall in its week of release. Since then it has been on the Top 20 most played Independent artists chart each week, and has been added to Pay TV and Free to Air Music channels. 

After arriving back from the USA at the start of 2009 with some fresh mixes, Mojada capped off their most successful year to date ahead of their Debut Studio Album release set for later in 2010.

After landing sync deals for 2 of the tracks from their US mixed April released EP ‘Exactly’, a 3rd track went on to win the 2009 New Artists to Radio Competition..!


Pockets Full of Gold - Danika Holmes

Pockets Full of Gold - Danika Holmes

Americana singer/songwriter Danika Holmes states, “Through my songs I hope to touch hearts in the tough times, as well as celebrate life in the good time.”

Danika first sat at a piano as a tot, has been writing since her teens, and picked up guitar in her 20’s.  After an attempt at a normal career and nearly finishing her PhD,  Danika’s heart pulled her full circle back to where she started, with music.

The Ballad of Joey and The Bottle of Booze - Gabe Hizer

The Ballad of Joey and The Bottle of Booze - Gabe Hizer

Gabe Hizer is a Nashville, TN-based singer-songwriter, originally from Long Island, NY. He attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, played in various rock and pop cover bands in the 70s, and more recently led a blues band for a couple of years. He is now performing as a solo artist, featuring his complex guitar arrangements, well-crafted songs, and wide vocal range.


Hum Along (Amplification) - Chapman

Hum Along (Amplification) - Chapman

Chapman: A journey where Crosby Stills and Nash meets The Rotary Connection through Baleric and Italo House to stripped down acoustic songs with just voice and guitar.