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Spirit of Forest

Lovely, spiritual, artistic, divine, uplifting, emotional, mystic music.

Spirit of forest


One Girl Can Change the World by Shuree

Shuree is an indie pop artist from Chicago. Her blend of pop, rock, and dance music blend with gritty and soulful vocals to make a sound that is fun and funky.

Known for her high energy performances, positive lyrics, complete beauty, and in your face message,  Shuree is the very definition of being “pretty tough”.

Official website:

Follow Shuree on Twitter: @shureerivera

One Girl Can Change the World by Shuree


Realism (Part2) - Kasha

The Realism by Kasha takes the underground conscious rap form and applies it to cutting edge mainstream sounds. Kasha aims to deliver positive feel good music to the new generation

The Realism