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Breakdown by Dark Side Balcony

New single by singer/songwriter Joey Godfrey and Eric Bode.  In the Pop Rock genre this song came to life when two exceptional artists from opposite sides of the planet decided to team up and make something beautiful.

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Breakdown by Dark Side Balcony


Resemblance by Subanez

Resemblance- Subanez

“Bing. Bang. Ding. One dead. The other shot.” These words would haunt Kevin Auger and become a catalyst for his life and music.

Kevin Auger, A.K.A. Subanez, is a one man alternative metal band with modern rock under pinnings. Subanez is a study of the human condition. The music is Kevin’s attempt to understand and live in a world that can be extremely cruel and chaotic. As a shy child growing up in Portsmouth, NH, Kevin spent a lot of time alone. He’d take his bike out on a seemingly endless journey around town to avoid the stifling tension at home. From an early age, Kevin struggled with his need for a meaningful connection to others and his inability to find it.