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Damn That River by The Evidence

Canadian power trio The Evidence has shown an eerie dedication to their craft since banding together in late 2000. Graduates of the local punk rock scene, the band has grown into a sound that blends the rocky pop sensibility of alt-punk bands such as AFI, Bad Religion and the Foo Fighters with the prog-rock detail and grandeur of groups like Rush and Queen.

Damn That River by The Evidence


Hold On Till Heaven by Michael Lee Band

You’ve never truly understood the phrase larger than life until you’ve met Michael Lee. The San Antonio-born, Houston-based actor, Emmy-nominated television producer, singer, songwriter, director, ghost hunter and alleged vampire walks the walk in a whirl of outrageous clothes, chutzpah and a mischievous mirth not seen since the heyday of hair metal.

Hold On Till Heaven by Michael Lee Band


Kiss Me by Sound of Surrender

Sound of Surrender, out of San Diego, California unleashes a unique mix of rock and power-pop. With catchy hooks and relevant verses, they have developed a sound that has become their staple and leaves you remembering their name.

Kiss Me by Sound of Surrender


You Looked Good by The Public Good

Although The Public Good have all the makings of a great power-pop band, their gritty sound and offbeat perspective add up to something else; something that defies easy labels. They are a band with something to say and their own way of saying it.

You Looked Good


My Favorite New Disaster by Megaphone

My Favorite New Disaster- Megaphone

For the hard rock quartet megaphone, the mission has been simple: Saving rock n’ roll from the machine, and bringing it back to where it should be – loud, catchy and in your face. That they’re succeeding with that mission is obvious; a huge draw in their native Orlando, Florida, extensive radio play, gigs opening for arena headliners and festival appearances. And with their new album, Exit Silent Mode, filled to the brim with unforgettable hooks, melodies and songs, megaphone is poised to take everything about their band to the next level.


It's My Time by Michael Behm

It’s My Time by Michael Behm

To call Michael Behm a music industry renaissance man is actually something of an understatement. As an artist, he’s equally comfortable working under the spotlight or behind the scenes or in a studio, while he has found significant success as an entrepreneur in many different facets of the music business.

Twelve years of touring through North America have established Behm as a compelling live performer. To a rapidly growing number of fans around the globe, he is best known as a singer/songwriter of real melodic and lyrical intelligence. His versatile take on pop-rock has been showcased on seven albums, including 2008’s acclaimed Saving America.