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Endless part 1 By Elephants of Scotland

An instrumental from our 2014 release EXECUTE AND BREATHE album. I’ll post Endless Part 2 next month.  Cheers and enjoy!

Endless Part 1


Stand A Chance by A Devil's Din

From One Day All This Will Be Yours, the debut album by post-psychedlic indie prog rock band A Devil’s Din.

Stand A Chance


Start All Over by Carmen Townsend

As an artist, Townsend knows how to keep listeners on their toes. “There’s a whole lot of energy with us onstage,” says Townsend in her charming and pleasant drawl. “I’d rather be onstage playing live than anything. I feed off of that raw energy. I often get compared to other female singer songwriters, but if these people came to see me play, they’d think otherwise. It’s a three-piece rock band, with a ton of low end and a lot of hair flying everywhere.”

Start All Over by Carmen Townsend


Moby Dick by Glass Wave

The members of Stanford, California-based Literary-Rock band Glass Wave understand this better than most. Comprised of three professors, a Ph.D. candidate and an upstart jazz drummer, Glass Wave seeks to bring the exuberance of rock n roll to bear on the world of literature. Taking on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Ovid, Sigmund Freud, Jane Austen and others, Glass Wave recast classic tales from new and surprising perspectives against musical arrangements that incur thoughts of groups such as Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, Jerry Garcia and even The Decemberists.

Moby Dick by Glass Wave


The Last Midway by When Summer's Gone

Hailing from the failed steel town of New Castle, Pennsylvania, When Summer’s Gone embodies the spirit of a populace convinced their best days are behind them but still can’t quite give up hope for the future. Dave Graziani handles vocals and guitar while drummer/bassist Chris Lepri provides the rhythmic background that keeps the duo on track.

The Last Midway by When Summer's Gone


The Train by Virtual Jungle

While seeming reserved, Rebello creates music that blends progressive and alternative rock with Brazilian Jazz, Electronica and Classical music into an eclectic retro-futuristic pop blend with cinematic scope and hooks that are nothing short of deadly. It is this seeming incongruity that first draws in fans.

The Train by Virtual Jungle


It Happens by Rausch

8-year-old Doug Rausch was faithful to the piano. One day as he was leaving for a lesson, his father slipped him a white unmarked envelope to hand the teacher. After arriving at her studio and following Dad’s instructions, he eagerly climbed onto the bench and tossed his book open, ready to play. The practice week had been less than perfect, but he didn’t feel that should hold him back in any way. Today he would learn the Key of G!
“It says you’re quitting,” she blurted out…

RAUSCH did not quit; he has been studying, writing, practicing, performing, and otherwise living music relentlessly ever since the day his parents all but wrote him off. This obsession recently landed him a degree from the prestigious Ithaca College School of Music in New York, where he won recognition as concerto competition finalist with Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. A diverse following began to build as his tireless vision of resuscitating rock and roll collided headfirst with his obligations to “serious music.” For the encore of an ambitious recital on the eve of his 21st birthday, his 13-piece band joined him in tribute to Guns N Roses. November Rain took a classical music school to tears.

It Happens by Rausch


Eyes Above The Water by Crazy Mary

Anyone who experienced New York’s gritty, exciting, and gloriously vibrant music scene in the 1970s, ’80s, or ’90s will tell you the same thing: Their city is gone. Wiped out by a Stalin-esque, Disney-driven coup and replaced with a staid world of theme restaurants and karaoke bars. It’s as if when the soul was sucked out of Manhattan by real estate developers the music went along with it. Or so it would seem, however, until you’ve heard the music of New York band Crazy Mary.

Eyes Above The Water


Tambourine by Alta Mira

Tambourine by Alta Mira

Al·ta Mi·ra \ `ältä `mērä \ n :
1) a poetic, intricate, textured, time shifting, art rock band based in New York consisting of four members; Tommy Krebs (drums), Hunter Sagehorn (guitar), August Sagehorn (bass), and Joe D. Michon-Huneau (vocals). 2) a dinosaur of unlikely proportions.


Jiriki by Sokoband

Jiriki by Sokoband

Flamenco meets Santana via Brubeck — soaring electric guitars (Steve Kimock), driving acoustics (Tim Reynolds), and Dave Matthews vocal improv wrapped in a tightly grooving package. This radio edit omits Mike Sokolowski & Nir Z’s blistering piano/drums duet. Hear the full version on Sokoband (released 3/9/2010).


Esoteric by Chamber of Echoes

Esoteric by Chamber of Echoes


With a name like “Chamber of Echoes,” one might expect a large band with room filling sound. Well, in this case, the room filling sound is obtained through the music of a one person phenom named Klaryssa Korol, who virtually single-handedly provides the vocals, programming, drum machines, synthesizer, samples and loops that make up her sound.