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Budget Cuts by Joe Ferris

Folk/Punk Protest song Budget Cuts by solo acoustic singer/song-writer Joe Ferris.

This is another preview of my E.P that I released this month. It’s available on my website, where you’ll also find links to videos and lots of lo-fi recordings.

The title says it all really - it’s a song about the state of the world economy and the injustice in real people having to suffer for the failures of the state, while the people with the power who create these situations get stupid bonuses and go on 4 holidays a year.

Budget Cuts by Joe Ferris


Us and Them by The Sweater Friends

A true story about a friend of mine who traded her life as a nurse in Mexico for the hardships of an immigrant and the promise of a better llfe for her kids.

The Sweater Friends: What happens when a joke goes wrong?  We are still finding out.  Smart, acoustic and catchy, think the Plain White Tee’s playing the Juno soundtrack… with Mr. Rogers.

Us and Them