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Entries in Punk (14)


Gangster In The Morning by FuzzyLogicBaby

When Punk meets Grime then smokes a joint with Reggae. A typical London high before going for a cheeky Nandos.

Gangster In The Morning


Budget Cuts by Joe Ferris

Folk/Punk Protest song Budget Cuts by solo acoustic singer/song-writer Joe Ferris.

This is another preview of my E.P that I released this month. It’s available on my website, where you’ll also find links to videos and lots of lo-fi recordings.

The title says it all really - it’s a song about the state of the world economy and the injustice in real people having to suffer for the failures of the state, while the people with the power who create these situations get stupid bonuses and go on 4 holidays a year.

Budget Cuts by Joe Ferris


Put The Fork Down (Fatty) by Joe Ferris

Folk/Punk Comedy song by solo acoustic singer/song-writer Joe Ferris.

I wrote this a while ago now and re-recorded it for my new E.P ‘Shits ‘n’ Giggles!’ which is available from my webiste:  where you can also find lots more previews and links to videos. Also a guestbook that I hope you’ll leave me a message in!

This song is the musical equivalent of diet pills - I’ve heard about 12 step weight loss plans and I decided to streamline the whole process down to just one step. Put the fucking fork down!

Put The Fork Down (Fatty) by Joe Ferris


The Bills by Disconnected

Disconnected is a rock band from Indonesia, which fuses element of Punk, hardrock and electronic music.

The bills, the latest single by Disconnected that released in Jan 2011 is one of the songs that would bring Disconnected to a worldwide exposure. The Bills is can be downloaded on the band’s website on May 2011. Disconnected will release their new album that will feature 10 songs. This self-titled album will be available worldwide on digital.

Find Disconnected:




The Bills by Disconnected


S-S-S-Saturday by Bowling For Soup

Having been in constant creative demand for over 17 straight years, pop-punk uber-band Bowling for Soup clearly has no problem kicking out fresh songs, ridiculous videos, and album after album of music that sets the bar for their genre. Even after nearly two decades together, some things are the same. They still call Denton, TX home, they still are putting out an avalanche of new music every year, and they’re still the guys you’d cut class with to get a beer and a Hot Pocket. For a band that has had only one personnel change in 17 years, which is a remarkable feat by any standards, it’s clear that the team stays tight and that ain’t gonna change. As much as things are the same, however, recent times have brought massive changes for Bowling for Soup, and some things are very, very different and completely awesome.

S-S-S-Saturday by Bowling For Soup


The Reverse Midas Touch by Camp Pine Cone

Camp Pine Cone is the final auditory home for the music created by this guy who goes by the name of Big Chief Awesome. That should be enough for you right there but if you still aren’t convinced; it is rumored that when Chuck Norris asked Big Chief Awesome if he could play guitar in Camp Pine Cone and was denied, Chuck Norris cried. 

The Reverse Midas Touch by Camp Pine Cone


Coming Home by The On Fires

“The bastard lovechild of The B52s and The Sex Pistols”. Flaming Lips meets Blondie. Stereophonics meets Siouxsie & The Banshees.

Kangaroo Punk! Indie rock meets classic punk - vibrant, Aussie, fun.

The On Fires are an indie rock/punk band from Australia who grew up in the thriving Melbourne pub scene and formed in 2004. The band has been travelling to Europe since 2007 and did their first US performances in early 2010.

Coming Home by The On Fires


'Copyright Killer' by Angelika Express


Dub Song by Out of Nothing

You’re listening to what happens when the punk and ska worlds combine. If you like what you hear and would like to hear more search for our music on, itunes, or . 

Dub Song by Out of Nothing


Blue Light by Indofin

Indofin, together since 2002, is a skapunkreggae powertrio from Austin TX. From these very modest beginnings and years spent at what seemed like futile efforts, Indofin has certainly come a long way, becoming one of the defining bands of the central Texas scene.

Blue Light


On My Own by The Crown (UK)

The Crown (UK) are a 3 piece electronic rock band from the south coast of England, Worthing. We fuse various styles and influences to create a sound that we hope our listeners find unique and exciting.

The Crown (UK)

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On My Own


Hitsville TX by Satanic Punk International Conspiracy

Hitsville TX by Satanic Punk International Conspiracy

Marfa, Texas, is a pretty weird place. The modest-sized city—its population of 2,400 equals roughly half its altitude—was named for a character in a Russian novel, served as the set of James Dean’s last movie, and has since the late 1800s been known for the mysterious Marfa ghost lights, the unexplained glowing spheres that appear randomly in the night air east of the town. But Marfa is also home to another astonishing and out-of-the-ordinary phenomenon. One that’s simmering. Rumbling. Steadily building in intensity—and about to explode onto on unsuspecting music world like a blinding, white-hot, bird-flipping supernova. Its name? Satanic Punk International Conspiracy—or S.P.I.C. for short.


You're Great by The Roast Beef Curtains

You’re Great by The Roast Beef Curtains

Inspired by tight reggae rhythm sections & thrashing punk bands, Three Hofstra University graduates birthed The Roast Beef Curtains. Taking a DIY approach, Andrew, John, & Mike evolved The RBC into the best live reggae, dub, & punk experience on Long Island.


Where The Wolf Roam by Strait Laces

Where The Wolf Roam by Strait Laces

“Ones to watch for 2010” Northern Ireland’s Strait Laces have been making noise since 2008. “Chunky, ballsy and a little bit sinister” their music nods to Biffy Clyro and At The Drive In whilst still maintaining a fresh sound.