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Dead Rock West - Used To Love You

Cindy Wasserman and Frank Lee Drennen came together as Dead Rock West over 10 years ago in Los Angeles, CA when they wanted to make music that captures the classic “California vibe”. By channelling the melodies and harmonies of The Beach Boys, the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield, Dead Rock West distilled the essences of this sound, their musical influences and their own unique sound to record and release their debut album, Honey and Salt (2007). The success of Honey and Salt lead to a series of live tour dates, studio and live collaborations, and 3 new LP releases throughout the 00’s and early 10’s.



"We Aim To Please" by AEP

Aep (pronounced “ape”) is a three piece progressive rock band from Lake Charles, LA. They are all experienced musicians that have played in and around the lake area. They began to jam together around mid 2014 and began playing shows late January 2015 and haven’t stopped since. Aep has had their single, “In My Eyes” in rotation on multiple FM radio stations around the South & also had an article published about them in Exposure Magazine. Aep has played all over Louisiana and Texas. They have just released their debut album “Costume Shop Sessions” on August 14th, 2015.

We Aim To Please


Get Back On The Highway

Ten Foot Tall Band - Get Back On The Highway -  Roots Rock by Grammy featured artist James Popik 

Get Back On The Highway


Gravity Caves In by City Reek

Gravity Caves In by City Reek


Coastal Bend by the Brett Mussey Band

Wayne Warden was inspired to write a song with the Texas coastal bend area as the backdrop.

For additional selections and bio, visit

Brett Mussey Band on ReverbNation or

Brett Mussey Band on Facebook.

Coastal Bend by the Brett Mussey Band


We Lived Our Lives by STAYA

Third pre-album single by European modern alternative/industrial metal band Staya. Other singles can be checked at iTunes


We Lived Our Lives by STAYA


Far From Here by the Brett Mussey Band

A line from the song hints what we all have at our disposal - “in the thoughts and dreams those working machines at your feet”.

For additional selections and bio, visit the Brett Mussey Band.

Far From Here by the Brett Mussey Band


Saved Another by Mike Borgia & The Problems


January Stars by Vic Della Pello

a bit of sparkle , a bit of jangle , a whole lot of soul.  This is from Vic’s 6th Cd Broken Heart Tattoo. We hope you enjoy it.

for information and contact try the home page

click here to play January Stars


Rewind by Chantelle Delves

Newest Australian artist to hit the scene!

Indie Pop/Rock Ballad filled with emotion :)

Rewind by Chantelle Delves


Redemption by Dee Stone Band

This is the brand new single and title track from the forthcoming Dee Stone Band album. Now available at iTunes and CD Baby.  For more info, please visit Dee’s Website.

Based in Washington, DC, the Dee Stone Band is funked-up progressive rock and soul swagger spiced with a dash of jazz. Chunky grooves, searing guitar solos, and amazing vocals birth a satisfying, groovalicious stew that will have you jumping out of your seat. Don’t fight the feeling. It’s good for your soul!

Redemption by Dee Stone Band


F-ing by Sounnie

From the album X-this by Sounnie.

F-ing by Sounnie


The Bills by Disconnected

Disconnected is a rock band from Indonesia, which fuses element of Punk, hardrock and electronic music.

The bills, the latest single by Disconnected that released in Jan 2011 is one of the songs that would bring Disconnected to a worldwide exposure. The Bills is can be downloaded on the band’s website on May 2011. Disconnected will release their new album that will feature 10 songs. This self-titled album will be available worldwide on digital.

Find Disconnected:




The Bills by Disconnected


Big City Drinking by Heartour

Heartour is the creative outlet/alter ego of popular Los Angeles based band The Ruse’s drummer Jason Young. Having been a member of touring bands since he was a teenager, Young began recording solo material as Heartour in 2002. Ever since the first release in 2003 (Three), Young has been extra prolific, in addition to producing and performing with The Ruse he has dropped a full solo album every couple years.

Influenced heavily by big sounding bands like U2 and Led Zeppelin as well as contemporary acts My Morning Jacket, LCD Soundsystem and Metric , Heartour’s progressive Electronic sound has grown by leaps and bounds with each project. With renewed energy and new ideas, Young released his best work to date in early 2011 in the form of Submarine Sounds.

Big City Drinking by Heartour


Moses of Indiana (Promised Land) by Max Carmichael

Fires, floods, volcanoes, vision quests in the wilderness. Ya know, the typical musician stuff. Throw in science, technology and a stunning array of musical skills, and you’ve got a standard issue day for ambient electronic folk rocker Max Carmichael, whose first commercial release was praised by the Village Voice, resulting in a headline gig at New York’s Knitting Factory. With a style placing him in such varied and storied company as Paul Simon, Calexico, Moby, and U2, it’s no surprise that Carmichael’s work is continually surprising, yet comfortably familiar. It’s a truly unique blend of the Bohemian, the idealist, the nerd, and the adventurer. It’s the sound of a complex sophisticated nature boy with just enough dogma to keep him tense and just enough liberation to keep him potent.

Moses of Indiana (Promised Land) by Max Carmichael


Fade by Hudson K

Hudson K is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Christina Horn. Combining influences that span decades, Christina’s work dwells in the abstract, emerging in timeless forms. Drawing her inspiration from other such artists as Tori Amos and Tom Waits, Hudson K has crafted their own unique sound of avant-garde and pop fusion. Incredibly photogenic and fashion-minded, Horn is a glamorous figure for the alternative music realm; a seeming star-in-waiting, successor to that mystical/sexual rock-heroine crown.

Fade by Hudson K


Start All Over by Carmen Townsend

As an artist, Townsend knows how to keep listeners on their toes. “There’s a whole lot of energy with us onstage,” says Townsend in her charming and pleasant drawl. “I’d rather be onstage playing live than anything. I feed off of that raw energy. I often get compared to other female singer songwriters, but if these people came to see me play, they’d think otherwise. It’s a three-piece rock band, with a ton of low end and a lot of hair flying everywhere.”

Start All Over by Carmen Townsend


The Grind by The Kobolds

The Kobolds are a New York City alternative rock band with a home-base in Astoria, Queens. Influenced by The White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz, and Led Zeppelin, Alex Grau and Nicholas DiMichele first started playing music together as teenagers in College Station, Texas. After moving to New York to pursue degrees from NYU, Alex and Nick enlisted Pennsylvanian drummer Andrew Benson from a local Guitar Center. Using intense intimidation tactics, Alex, Nick and Andrew coerced their long-time friend from Texas, Spencer Synwolt, to start a new life in New York and round out the rock quartet. The Kobolds were born in 2009, and released their first album, The Kobolds EP, in July 2010. Following a year of playing New York, their second album, The Kobolds EP II, is being released in May 2011.

The Grind by The Kobolds


A Survivor by Danny Django

Singer/Songwriter Danny Django is one of those genuinely humble, genuinely interesting guys with guitars who has something worthwhile to say, and is taking the time to say it. With a gritty Americana Blues Rock sound placing him in league with Cat Stevens, Neil Young, and Tom Petty, Danny Django is the voice of a generation ago set in modern times. Basically, Woody Guthrie with a band and digital audio gear. The message of these greats is imbued in Django’s work as well, with the quest for peace, love, and the common good setting the course for his songs and stories.

A Survivor by Danny Django


Green by Charlotte Sabina

By almost any measure, Charlotte Sabina is a typical ten year-old girl. She lives in Manhattan with her parents and younger brother and has attended the same school since kindergarten. She plays tennis, lacrosse and flag football and she surfs competitively; she spends her free time playing in her tree house with her friends and her brother and she likes to dig her toes into the sand at the beach during the summer when she’s not training as a junior lifeguard. Most of all, Sabina has the joyous, short-attention span of a ten-year old. That is, unless she’s making music. When Charlotte Sabina sits down at the piano, a transformation comes over her. She suddenly displays an intensity and competence that artists twice her age struggle to find, working at her creations with a dogged determination that inspires awe in her teachers and her artistic collaborators.

Green by Charlotte Sabina