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Entries in Roots Rock (3)


Watershed by Kristina Stykos

This latest production, produced at Stykos’ solar and wind powered Pepperbox studio, paints landscapes inspired by her time out west - and tells stories of the heart. Featuring her strong guitar playing and raspy alto, her punchy new sound brings with it a supporting cast of all-stars from the East Coast roots scene, including rocker Bow Thayer and Mark Spencer of Son Volt: “A road-weary work filled with laments on life, love and longing … rooted in dusty, straightforward country-rock … [Stykos] long ago earned her reputation as one of the state’s finest lyricists. But never has she sounded so focused or refined, combining the straightforward prose of a blue-collar bard with deeply poetic sensitivity. ” Dan Bolles, Seven Days.

Watershed by Kristina Stykos


What Became Of Us by Lisa Sheppard

Neon Lights, Lisa’s stunning sophomore album, burns with the grit-filled, heartfelt sounds of that process. The moods and tales within are as frank and richly varied as the life of their earthy-voiced creator: The disc’s 11 built-to-last songs are typified by such offerings as “You Got Your Freedom,” a rough-edged, blues-rocking kiss-off to a departing ex-lover, and “Once I Leave LA,” a sobering meditation on the thoughts of a desperate friend set to a bittersweet waltz. And then there’s the title track, an image-rich, gospel-tinged narrative that cashes in on the singer’s observations from her years as a professional poker player.

What Became Of Us by Lisa Sheppard


Need You Tonight by Johnny DeMarco

Johnny DeMarco is a songwriter/performer who understands the value of a well crafted song. Be it a ballad…soundtrack or a rocker, Johnny’s powerful, melodic and anthem oriented radio-ready songs are jam packed with attitude, honesty and integrity.

Need You Tonight