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Treasure Map by Katie Stump

21-year-old Katie Stump is quickly proving her worth amongst the most prolific singers and songwriters of today.  Drawing from pop, folk, and country influences, her honest lyrics and vibrant melodies create a unique experience that pulls the listener into the beauty and vulnerability of the heart.
Her newly released single, Treasure Map, was co-written by Stump and Jason Afable and marks Katie’s return to the more country influenced songs in her repertoire. Treasure Map is the first single from her upcoming EP Feels Like Home produced by Grammy-winning producer Mikal Blue.
Spotify Link:
Treasure Map Video YouTube:


Treasure Map


Crazy by Katie Stump

Crazy is the first song on Natural; the debut album from Pop/Folk Singer-Songwriter Katie Stump. In the face of the fast-paced synthesized mainstream, Natural is a refreshing return to the simplicity of honest musical expression. Offering a raw and emotive blend of earnest, heartfelt music. Pulling you into her world of love, fear, confidence and hope, Katie calls out the vulnerability we have within ourselves. In the song Crazy, light is shed upon the mystery of new sparks and the yearning for love’s validation.



Watershed by Kristina Stykos

This latest production, produced at Stykos’ solar and wind powered Pepperbox studio, paints landscapes inspired by her time out west - and tells stories of the heart. Featuring her strong guitar playing and raspy alto, her punchy new sound brings with it a supporting cast of all-stars from the East Coast roots scene, including rocker Bow Thayer and Mark Spencer of Son Volt: “A road-weary work filled with laments on life, love and longing … rooted in dusty, straightforward country-rock … [Stykos] long ago earned her reputation as one of the state’s finest lyricists. But never has she sounded so focused or refined, combining the straightforward prose of a blue-collar bard with deeply poetic sensitivity. ” Dan Bolles, Seven Days.

Watershed by Kristina Stykos


Whatcha Got by Chris Hurn

Whatcha Got is the highly infectious first single from the debut folk/pop album Too Busy Dreamin’ by 22 year old New Zealander Chris Hurn who has been drawing comparisons from reviewers to such songwriting legends as Nick Drake, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan.


Whatcha Got


"The End Of Tears" by Caleb Murphy

Ending song from the EP “Thank God They’re Wrong” - hope you enjoy it.

"The End Of Tears" by Caleb Murphy


Rewind by Chantelle Delves

Newest Australian artist to hit the scene!

Indie Pop/Rock Ballad filled with emotion :)

Rewind by Chantelle Delves


No reason to hide by Todd Koal

As a singer, songwriter, guitarist and percussionist, Canadian born Todd Koal expresses personal enlightenment and faith in the human spirit through his music. Whether it be from his fluid vocal style or his honesty reflected in compositions, Koal conjures up a great blend of acoustic pop and light rock.

No Reason To HIde by Todd Koal


Summer Home by Peter Buzzelle

Peter Buzzelle (Vocals, Drums, Guitar) is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and indie rock musician from Boston, Massachusetts. Buzzelle’s main influences are mixed amongst artists such as Elliott Smith, Morrissey and Grizzly Bear. Buzzelle is an original singer and songwriter whose lyrics and vocal melodies are memorable. His music tells a story about his life and his experiences, with a blend of unique genres that give him a different sound. Buzzelle has written and recorded his newly released debut album “To Telescope” with the help of Chris Zerby, a producer from California. In the beginning of his career, Peter was the founder of a band called Frequency dB that has toured for over half a decade across the west coast of the United States with well known bands such as The Poises. Buzzelle is an independent musician that has learnt to market himself and manage his own career over the years. His album “To Telescope” tells a story about his life and his experiences amongst a broad range of genres that creates a unique and refreshing sound.

Summer Home by Peter Buzzelle


Wearin' Blue by Paul Kloschinsky

Paul Kloschinsky is a Folk Rock Singer Songwriter from Delta, BC, Canada. He won the 2007 MusicAid Award for Best Canadian Songwriter for my original song Wearin’ Blue.

Wearin' Blue by Paul Kloschinsky


Unknown Roads - Zach Maxwell

Unknown Roads - Zach Maxwell

Like the rest of life, music shouldn’t make you feel like you’re just punching the clock or spinning your wheels. It should be a journey. One in which the artist weaves together his or her experiences into impeccably performed songs that not only appeal to the ear with strong hooks and addictive melodies, but also resonate deeply on an emotional level. Tunes that have the power to directly move the listener to their very core, and perhaps even serve as reassuring beacons during difficult times. Such a skill is, of course, a rare gift for any artist, and one that takes most of them decades to attain, if at all. And yet it’s a skill that Zach Maxwell, still only in his mid twenties, already has—in abundance.



Wearin' Blue - Paul Kloschinsky

Wearin’ Blue - Paul Kloschinsky

Paul Kloschinsky is a Folk Rock Singer Songwriter from Delta, BC, Canada. He won the 2007 MusicAid Award for Best Canadian Songwriter for my original song Wearin’ Blue. He just released my first album, Woodlands, February 24, 2009 on Prism/Universal in Canada.


Addicted To You - David Homyk

Addicted To You - David Homyk

David Homyk: Pop/Rock/Soul singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and record producer, who sounds like a blend of Jason Mraz and Maroon 5, has produced recordings for Beyonce, Solange and Kelly Rowland, among others.


The Valley by Ashton Nyte

The Valley by Ashton Nyte

Ashton Nyte is an award-winning South African singer/songwriter now based in the US, with five solo albums and eight band albums to his credit.  Intervention Arts is pleased to present his latest single, “The Valley.”


I Miss You - Adam Stokes

I Miss You - Adam Stokes

Adam Stokes is an artist with an amazing gift. He creates insightful poetic songs, with a remarkable melodic sensibility, and performs them with passion and honesty.


Fire and Sea By Kalliopi

Fire and Sea by Kalliopi

Kalliopi is a pop-rock singer/songwriter from Athens, Greece. Enjoy this track by her!


Around the Circle - Ms. Janis

Around the Circle by Ms. Janis

Fun, upbeat, educational music that parents will enjoy as much as their children. Check out more of her music on the Ms. Janis Website.


Falling Higher by Jennings

Falling Higher by Jennings

 Pop music created by the soothing sound of piano, a strong voice, and an electronica edge. Check out more of her music here.


Bluesy pop-rock that goes down smooth....

My name is Jay Broyer and I play a chill groove based acoustic pop-rock.

This track “So cliche” can be found on my debut EP “The Sound of U”.

This version has been re-mixed/mastered for my new album releasing this fall.

Here’s my tune: “So Cliche’”


Hi-lows by Mike Kotulka

Organic Rock and Roll written in Lansdale PA, laid down in Lexington KY.

Acoustic Textures, Good Beats, Driving Electrics, and a little John Hartford (seriously, I have permission….I just asked Sony politely 4 hundred n’ 80 se7en times).

Hi-lows by Mike Kotulka : Nifty-Fifty Records