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Crazy by Katie Stump

Crazy is the first song on Natural; the debut album from Pop/Folk Singer-Songwriter Katie Stump. In the face of the fast-paced synthesized mainstream, Natural is a refreshing return to the simplicity of honest musical expression. Offering a raw and emotive blend of earnest, heartfelt music. Pulling you into her world of love, fear, confidence and hope, Katie calls out the vulnerability we have within ourselves. In the song Crazy, light is shed upon the mystery of new sparks and the yearning for love’s validation.



Start All Over by Carmen Townsend

As an artist, Townsend knows how to keep listeners on their toes. “There’s a whole lot of energy with us onstage,” says Townsend in her charming and pleasant drawl. “I’d rather be onstage playing live than anything. I feed off of that raw energy. I often get compared to other female singer songwriters, but if these people came to see me play, they’d think otherwise. It’s a three-piece rock band, with a ton of low end and a lot of hair flying everywhere.”

Start All Over by Carmen Townsend


PlasticLand by EllenOnceAgain

Ellen Once Again is a singer/songwriter and musician from Texas. Her blend of soul, folk and pop vocals blend effortlessly to make a sound that is vintage without sounding dated.

Known for her soulful heartfelt singing, positive lyrics, beautiful personality and infectious smile Ellen is inspired by Ingrid Michaelson, Lauryn Hill, Sara Bareilles, Adele, Corinne Bailey Rae & Stevie Wonder but maintains her own “quirky” musical identity.

PlasticLand by EllenOnceAgain


Lullaby In Loveland by Boho Chapeau

After many years apart Los Angeles based band Boho Chapeau has reunited to bring a fresh indie folk sound to fans and critics alike. Lead by singer/songwriter Kevin Quinn the band boasts some of the best players in the country.

Guitarist George Keller’s musical muse is influenced by an eclectic variety of music including classic rock, jazz, classical and blues. His first professional experience was long-time accompanist for guitarist George Cromarty, co-writer of the classic “Plastic Jesus” folk song.

Bassist Fred Hammon is a jazz influenced musician who also designs and manufactures his own line of Dark Star bass pickups. He’s also bassist for the popular blues band “The Priests of Love”.

Percussionist Lee Ann Harris is both a seasoned performer and an in-demand session player. Her work has appeared on numerous film scores, albums and television programs.

Lullaby In Loveland by Boho Chapeau


Surrender by Jennings

Jennings: Small Frame, Big Voice:

The old adage “big things come in small packages” has perhaps never been more fitting for an artist than in the case of Jennings, the one-name moniker of New York based siren Mary Jennings.

Standing just a shade over five feet tall, Jennings delivers a robust and heartfelt sound that is anything but small-scale.

Surrender by Jennings


Green by Charlotte Sabina

By almost any measure, Charlotte Sabina is a typical ten year-old girl. She lives in Manhattan with her parents and younger brother and has attended the same school since kindergarten. She plays tennis, lacrosse and flag football and she surfs competitively; she spends her free time playing in her tree house with her friends and her brother and she likes to dig her toes into the sand at the beach during the summer when she’s not training as a junior lifeguard. Most of all, Sabina has the joyous, short-attention span of a ten-year old. That is, unless she’s making music. When Charlotte Sabina sits down at the piano, a transformation comes over her. She suddenly displays an intensity and competence that artists twice her age struggle to find, working at her creations with a dogged determination that inspires awe in her teachers and her artistic collaborators.

Green by Charlotte Sabina


Better Days by Jennifer Richman

Sometimes we survive through our art, and sometimes we save others. Jennifer Richman has done both. The Brooklyn born and bred singer/songwriter has a penchant for uplifting lyrics and songs of hope and inspiration. Her song “Beautiful Girl” spent over 30 weeks on Top 40 and Adult Contemporary Charts in 2010, and Jennifer was nominated as Best Female Artist and Best New Artist of 2010 by New Music Weekly Magazine.

Better Days by Jennifer Richman


Take A Ride by Van Müller

All Van Muller ever wanted was the music. At the age of sixteen, Van Muller gave up her comfortable country life and moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil to try her hand at modeling and start a band. Her first stage experience as a vocalist was performing cover versions of 1980’s rock hits. Muller took the process seriously, engaging a professional voice teacher and traveling to New York City every chance she got. Eventually Muller made the leap of faith and moved herself to New York, hoping the bright lights of The Big Apple would light the way to her dreams.

Take A Ride by Van Müller


Bumblebee by Rachel Brown

23-year-old Rachel Brown is a singer, songwriter and musician born and raised in New York City. Brown’s music fuses pop, country, Caribbean, Hawaiian and world sounds into a captivating groove.

Bumblebee by Rachel Brown


Future Dream by Tom Getter Slack

Tom Getter Slack is a veteran songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a knack for great songwriting and arrangements. After years of varied musical endeavors, and a slew of songwriting accolades, Tom settled in to writing and recording DIY productions of his songs. The latest collection, an introspective yet poignant set of tunes collected over the years, is now available in a remarkable new album called Looking Glass.

Future Dream by Tom Getter Slack


Home by Brett Ryan Stewart

Brett Ryan Stewart is a Nashville singer/songwriter whose lyrics lend a deep look into the artist’s life experience of loss, purpose and hope. The Delaware transplant and self-taught guitarist has a distinct indie/pop sound peppered with a southern influence which named him “…a talent worth watching!” by Performing Songwriter Magazine.

Home by Brett Ryan Stewart


Pretty Picture Frame by Holly Long

Having crafted 4 albums over the past decade in her pop/funk/soul hybrid style with a string of top-shelf producers, singer/songwriter, Holly Long communicates her passion and worldview with an evocative sound in league with Annie Lenox, Sarah McLachlan, and Carly Simon. It’s not just about the music, though. Much like for her chanteuse heroines, music is about connection and community. It’s where she finds herself, and how she makes her contribution to the world.

Pretty Picture Frame by Holly Long


Time by Deborah Crooks

Deborah Crooks is a seeker. The San Francisco Bay Area-born and bred singer/songwriter grew up at the nexus of two tectonic plates; close to a city known for its history of social, musical and political upheaval. These days Crooks is a vibrant artist carrying on the San Francisco tradition of powerful female singer/songwriters with literate lyrics and progressive musical attitudes; well respected within the music scene and increasingly so outside of it.

Time by Deborah Crooks


Wind Up Toy by Danni Rosner

In a world fraught with cynicism and decay, Danni Rosner shines like the sun. The loquacious twenty-six year old chanteuse is one of a new breed of pop singer/songwriters responding to an uncertain world by looking inward. A perfectionist, Rosner exacts every ounce of truth and emotion from her life; mining the soil of her heart for anything of value and illuminating those gems into song.

Wind Up Toy by Danni Rosner


Goodnight Company by Jane Lui

Goodnight Company, Jane’s third album set for digital release October 5, 2010 and on CD, January, 2011 builds on her previous successes with debut Teargirl and 2008 San Diego Awards Best Recording Nominated follow-up, Barkentine.

Goodnight Company by Jane Lui


The Dream is Alive by Billy Schafer

Billy Schafer soars into the chorus of “The Dream is Alive” filled with infectious passion and conviction. This song and the others from his debut CD, First to Believe, introduce Billy as a singer-songwriter with an intuitive and confident grasp of song-craft. Fueled by accessible melodies and emotive lyrics of romantic depth, wit, and uplifting inspiration, these recordings showcase a versatile vocal delivery of powerful but pure tones.

The Dream is Alive by Billy Schafer


St. Paul On Mississippi by Arron Dean

I grew up on a small farm not too far from Johannesburg, South Africa to a family railed against the horrors of Apartheid. Skipping over my school years (they weren’t really all that exciting) and the political upheaval (I was raised for freedom so it came as no shock to me) I found myself in Boston, MA in 1999. I was pretty young and utterly in love with jazz. I was desperate to be a great jazz guitarist but the problem with that is no one really cares anymore about jazz guitarists and I was never that good anyhow.

St. Paul On Mississippi by Arron Dean


It Happens by Rausch

8-year-old Doug Rausch was faithful to the piano. One day as he was leaving for a lesson, his father slipped him a white unmarked envelope to hand the teacher. After arriving at her studio and following Dad’s instructions, he eagerly climbed onto the bench and tossed his book open, ready to play. The practice week had been less than perfect, but he didn’t feel that should hold him back in any way. Today he would learn the Key of G!
“It says you’re quitting,” she blurted out…

RAUSCH did not quit; he has been studying, writing, practicing, performing, and otherwise living music relentlessly ever since the day his parents all but wrote him off. This obsession recently landed him a degree from the prestigious Ithaca College School of Music in New York, where he won recognition as concerto competition finalist with Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. A diverse following began to build as his tireless vision of resuscitating rock and roll collided headfirst with his obligations to “serious music.” For the encore of an ambitious recital on the eve of his 21st birthday, his 13-piece band joined him in tribute to Guns N Roses. November Rain took a classical music school to tears.

It Happens by Rausch


Midsummers Night by Jillian LaDage

Honed in the creative fires that only a Scots/Irish heritage can provide, American singer, songwriter, harpist, pianist and record label mogul Jillian LaDage (pronounced la-Day-ge) is an artist firmly rooted in her muses. Equal parts Loreena McKennitt and Sara McLachlan, Jillian has long since stepped out from anyone’s shadow to forge a singular World music voice. Having studied Celtic harp under the tutelage of renowned harpist Kim Robertson, Jillian has performed to enthusiastic crowds all over the world. She also studied modern vocal technique with Chicago’s premiere vocal coach Randy Buescher, of Your True Voice Studio. For over ten years she wrote and recorded original compositions for various professional projects.

Midsummers Night by Jillian LaDage


Addiction by Kelly Green

With a voice to rival the depth and range of legends like Pat Benetar, Annie Lennox, and Ann Wilson, Kelly Greene is a musical force to be reckoned with. This Rock Singer-Songwriter/Musician serves up a tall drink of modern rock with a heavy twist of old school bite and lyrics deserving attention. Taking musical cues from influences like Weezer, Third Eye Blind and Van Halen, Greene delivers killer Rock songs that drive from beginning to end with raw emotion and no apologies.

Addiction by Kelly Green