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Hear Him Sing

Heart On The Sleeve song that’s gotten me asked to play in Nashville twice.  I’ll be on the live TV show:

Nashville Sidesteets Saturday March 26th @ 8:30 CST.  Tune in any Saturday at that time for live performances or watch previously recorded episodes featuring fantatastic Indie Artists at:

To hear this and my more rocking and blues tunes visit:

Free MP3’s are available there

Hear Him Sing


Storm is over by Cry of Pain

Alternative, acoustic rock played by two friends from Krakow, Poland.

Here is one of our ballads and the title song of our new album.

Let us know what you think of it! Cheers!

Storm is over


Gravity Caves In by City Reek

Gravity Caves In by City Reek


All Falls Apart

Just finished recording this in the studio. I’m proud of it. It’s nice to finally see a product out of the years I’ve been playing. So here it is. Independent Artist.

All Falls Apart


Whatcha Got by Chris Hurn

Whatcha Got is the highly infectious first single from the debut folk/pop album Too Busy Dreamin’ by 22 year old New Zealander Chris Hurn who has been drawing comparisons from reviewers to such songwriting legends as Nick Drake, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan.


Whatcha Got


"The End Of Tears" by Caleb Murphy

Ending song from the EP “Thank God They’re Wrong” - hope you enjoy it.

"The End Of Tears" by Caleb Murphy


Save Us by We've Never Heard of You Either


Angels Breath: Lyrics by Bill Hackworth: Vocals, Audio by Brian Michael

Writing has always been a passion with a dream of having a lyric set put to music one day. Thanks to Brian i got to listen as Angels Breath come to life. Writing continues maybe more will be on the horizon. 

Angels Breath by Brian Michael


Sister by Emily Poe Project

Sister by Emily Poe Project

Noblesville, IN






Sister by Emily Poe Project


Lullaby In Loveland by Boho Chapeau

After many years apart Los Angeles based band Boho Chapeau has reunited to bring a fresh indie folk sound to fans and critics alike. Lead by singer/songwriter Kevin Quinn the band boasts some of the best players in the country.

Guitarist George Keller’s musical muse is influenced by an eclectic variety of music including classic rock, jazz, classical and blues. His first professional experience was long-time accompanist for guitarist George Cromarty, co-writer of the classic “Plastic Jesus” folk song.

Bassist Fred Hammon is a jazz influenced musician who also designs and manufactures his own line of Dark Star bass pickups. He’s also bassist for the popular blues band “The Priests of Love”.

Percussionist Lee Ann Harris is both a seasoned performer and an in-demand session player. Her work has appeared on numerous film scores, albums and television programs.

Lullaby In Loveland by Boho Chapeau


Ain't No Mountain by The Movement Fam

Brian Eno once said “It’s not the destination that matters. It’s the change of scene.” Toronto transplants The Movement Fam never had to hear the message; they live it every day. The Melbourne natives sold practically everything they owned last year and moved themselves to Toronto in search of the dream of sharing their “Soul Hop” music with the world.

Ain't No Mountain by The Movement Fam


Someday We'll All Be Ghosts by Jonah Knight

Jonah Knight plays Paranormal Modern Folk; songs about ghosts & monsters, superheroes & space travel, clones & pirates. Imagine They Might Be Giants telling you about an argument between Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, and The Mountain Goats.

Someday We'll All Be Ghosts by Jonah Knight


Backroads and Sunsets by Seth and Zakk

This Cape Cod, Massachusetts based duo, formally Seth Simonelli and Zakk Bates, kick out tight sets of acoustic pop/rock with edge on record and on stage, and keep their feet on the ground in everyday life as silly, simple humans. Much like Dashboard Confessional, it’s goofy kids with twitchy teen angst hung on expertly catchy melodies. Also much like Dashboard Confessional, it’s almost always about a girl.

Backroads and Sunsets by Seth and Zakk


Pretty Picture Frame by Holly Long

Having crafted 4 albums over the past decade in her pop/funk/soul hybrid style with a string of top-shelf producers, singer/songwriter, Holly Long communicates her passion and worldview with an evocative sound in league with Annie Lenox, Sarah McLachlan, and Carly Simon. It’s not just about the music, though. Much like for her chanteuse heroines, music is about connection and community. It’s where she finds herself, and how she makes her contribution to the world.

Pretty Picture Frame by Holly Long


Playing Me by Phoebe Legere

Phoebe Legere, is a jazz composer, pianist, singer and multi-instrumentalist of French Canadian, Mayflower Pilgrim and Native American descent. The New York Times wrote:

‘Phoebe Legere plays the piano with enormous authority in a style that encompasses Chopin, blues, ragtime, bebop and beyond, and she brings to her vocal delivery a four and a half octave range, and an extraordinary palette of tonal color and meticulous phrasing.’

Playing Me by Phoebe Legere


Dire by JP Corwyn

How could you be so blind? You haven’t heard of JP Corwyn? You haven’t seen him live? You haven’t heard his music? How embarrassing for you. Really, though. It’s ok. You’re in the right place. For JP, the rationale for the blind jokes is reasonable. He is legally blind.

Dire by JP Corwyn


Rebel by Goldishack Guerillas

Goldishack Guerrillas is a band on a mission: In a country where a culture of war has become business as usual, the Guerrillas fight back with a raucous mix of hip hop, guitars and political will to bring a message louder than any television.

Rebel by Goldishack Guerillas


I'll Bring 'Em Everyday by Glynn David

“I’ll Bring ‘Em Everyday” is the fruit of a New Mexico collaboration that merged the lyrical poetry and vocal artistry of singer songwriter Glynn David with an original acoustic score of respected guitar and bass man, Joe Silva! … A reminder that love’s courting gestures are all too often revived as a desperate substitute for attentive love and/or, a bandage for injured love. (c) 2009 View-Trend* Music & Film Score Publishing Company (ASCAP)

I'll Bring 'Em Everyday


See You Tonight by Kotadama

Chris and Evan Brown have done things most guys their ages—22 and 24, respectively—never even dream of doing. Like traveling the world as competitive ballroom dancers, or dabbling in stock market trading. But not long ago the brothers decided to enter another creative venture. One with its own kind of gliding grace, a lush beauty to equal the moves of their dancing days—and one that looks to net them an even greater return than the Dow Jones or NASDAQ might ever yield. In 2007 the pair formed Kotadama, a boldly inventive group that, with its startling debut album, Dichotomy, is about to become the fresh musical faces of pop radio. 

See You Tonight by Kotadama


Water's Edge by Simon Fagen

Simon Fagan is not our typical Irish singer songwriter. Blending elements of gospel and folk with acoustic rock, Simon and band produce a big Americana sound. He’s opened for both Lionel Richie and Smokey Robinson and has sold out shows in Ireland, The UK and Egypt.

Water's Edge by Simon Fagen