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How To Change Bitrate On MP3 Files

Wish to change the bitrate on your MP3 files? This may be beneficial if you must reduce the size of the MP3 information, as an example. A MP3 file at 320 kbps, the very best bitrate allowed for MP3 documents, could be reduced to 192 kbps so as to considerably lessen the measurement in the MP3 file.

could be a loss of high quality, nevertheless the big difference could be negligible to most listeners making use of regular speakers or headphones. If you are an audiophile, then furthermore to getting costly audio gear, you’re almost certainly never going to use the MP3 format in any case.

Most likely you will be using a compressed or uncompressed lossless format like PCM Audio, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, or APE. An uncompressed PCM audio file is about 10 times bigger than a CD high quality MP3 file.

The MP3
structure is actually a lossy format, which suggests audio quality is sacrificed to be able to help keep the relatively tiny dimension from the documents. Virtually each site will tell you that you ought to never transform a lossless structure audio file to MP3 format unless you might be Ok with shedding some audio high quality.

audio wave

This can be true nearly all of the time. The sole time it’d seem sensible is that if you have a reduced bitrate audio file within a high high quality format like WAV. As an example, it’d make sense to convert a 96 kbps WAV file to MP3, but only if you select a bitrate of 192 kbps or larger. The higher bitrate on the MP3 file allows it to keep up the same high quality as the WAV file, even though it really is a reduced bitrate.

The next point you’ll go through is that you ought to never change a reduced bitrate stream to some larger bitrate stream and hope that it seems much better. You can not acquire top quality by escalating the bitrate. This can be exactly correct. You’ll really reduce the quality of one’s MP3 file if you attempt to change up the bitrate.

If you’d like a greater bitrate MP3 than you currently have, you need to go back to the source (CD, and so forth) and extract that audio at total high quality. You’ll be able to transform that file into a higher bitrate MP3 file.

The very last thing you need to know is that it is not recommended to transform in between lossy formats when you will proceed to decline quality. It’s Okay, nonetheless, to convert among lossless formats as the quality is retained.

now that you comprehend a few of the basics of the best approaches to transform audio information to distinct bitrates, let’s talk about the applications that may aid us. Notice which i checked most of these plans on VirusTotal to make sure they’re 100% clean.

Quality Modifier
High quality Modifier is actually a small freeware system for Home windows that’s simple to make use of and operates really well. Additionally, it does not include any malware or ineffective offers when installing it.

What I like
concerning this program is it doesn’t even demand any set up, you can just run it by opening the EXE file. On startup, it provides you a little welcome window and explains how to make use of the plan, which is good.

top quality modifier

To acquire started, just click the Incorporate Information or Add Folder buttons at the best. This plan only operates with MP3 documents, so if you’re looking to transform a WAV or FLAC file into MP3, verify out a lot more of the programs talked about below.

mp3 modifier gui

By default, it picks a bitrate of
one hundred thirty kbps, which can be about medium quality. In addition, it lists out the size, bitrate, modus and sample frequency to the MP3 files you have extra. As pointed out, this system seem sensible should you are converting from the higher to lower bitrate.

You can also click Presets and select from various options like Very best quality, High Quality, Transportable, and so forth.

presets mp3

AmoK MP3 ReEncoder
Yet another free encoder you can use is AmoK MP3 ReEncoder, which may get MP3, FLAC or WAV as inputs. You can also run this program by just double-clicking around the EXE file.

Once you have it working, you need to download the LAME encoder, which can be a separate download. You’ll be able to download the newest version, 3.ninety five.five, from the RareWares webpage.

lame bundles

Note that there are a couple of choices. The first 1 is for 32-bit Windows, the next is for 64-bit, etc. In the event you must convert FLAC information, you should download the 4th a single that claims it supports FLAC and OGG input assistance.

After you have that downloaded and unzipped the information, go to the ReEncoder plan and click on on File and then Alternatives.

lame reencoder

Below Lame, click the tiny box with 3 dots and then navigate towards the location of the lame.exe file you just downloaded. Simply click Ok and then ensure that you pick an Output listing also.

The default profile
will have a bitrate of 192 kbps, however, you can click the Profiles button and produce a brand new profile.

new encoding profile

You are able to then choose Bitrate and modify it utilizing the slider. Once you have the options picked, click the Incorporate Files or Incorporate Folder button to incorporate your audio documents.

commence converting

Click the beginning button as well as a little progress bar and window will appear displaying you how long it’s going to get.


The sole issue using this system was that i wasn’t able to get it to transform a WAV file into an MP3 file. For no matter what cause, it just didn’t do something after i selected a WAV file. Maybe I configured it incorrectly, however, if you should transform from WAV to MP3, check out the previous program below, which labored.

Fre:ac -
Free of charge Audio Converter
is another open up resource project which includes probably the most choices for converting between audio formats. It contains several encoders by default, so you don’t have to go and download independent documents for WAV, FLAC, etc.

Once you install and operate it, click File, then Incorporate and after that Add documents.

include information

Next, click on Choices and click on on General Configurations.


Here the primary placing is the encoder. By default, it is the LAME MP3 Encoder, which you’ll be able to use to transform other audio formats into MP3 format. Nevertheless, if you would like to convert an audio file to FLAC, OGG, WAV or BONK, just select the right encoder.

Up coming, click Configure Encoder to alter the configurations to the LAME MP3 encoder. By default, it’s going to be set to plain, Quickly, which does not provide you with a really large top quality MP3 file.

lame encoder

Under Use preset, modify it to Custom made setttings. Now you’ll be able to select from VBR, ABR and CBR. These regular for Variable, Common or Continual Bit Charge. To the highest quality, you are likely to want to go along with CBR, which also indicates your MP3 file will likely be somewhat greater.

You are able to then modify the bitrate to the desired value and in addition alter the standard as well. The upper the environment, the greater top quality seem, nevertheless the bigger the file.


How To Change Bitrate On MP3 Files


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