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The name Bob Marley (and the Wailers) is Synonymous with reggae and this has contributed immensely to growth and development of our music. We cant deny the work that they have done, And that I as a young Artist stand on their shoulders. Tribute is our way of saying thanks to Bob Marley and the Wailers. Like us on FB


The Right People - Frankie(n)


They Don't Know





What A Mess I'm In By Brett Mussey Band

A new song that was inspired by the Texas summer temperatures and then progressed into something else.

Catch other tunes from the Brett Mussey Band on ReverbNation and on Facebook.

What A Mess I'm In


Hear Him Sing

Heart On The Sleeve song that’s gotten me asked to play in Nashville twice.  I’ll be on the live TV show:

Nashville Sidesteets Saturday March 26th @ 8:30 CST.  Tune in any Saturday at that time for live performances or watch previously recorded episodes featuring fantatastic Indie Artists at:

To hear this and my more rocking and blues tunes visit:

Free MP3’s are available there

Hear Him Sing


Tea&Wine - Fed Up


The Sedonas -- Debut Singles Available Now!

The Sedonas are an up and coming Knoxville, Tennessee band. The four piece band plays various sorts of Rock and Americana originals. They are currently in search of a label who would help to fund a debut album and potentially sign them. The Sedonas debut singles ‘Blues ‘16’ ‘Wounded Knee (Seems to Me)’ and ‘Rebel Hymn’ are available now for download and streaming in the links below:





Press Kit:

Also available on Spotify and other downloading and streaming services

Thank you for your time and consideration,

The Sedonas.


Don Meeno Tags Toronto On The Hip Hop Map

Hailing from the streets of Toronto, young local legend Don Meeno hits us with his latest release, the Giinchy5x mixtape. Don Meeno gained international attention with last year’s Da Giinchy Code EP, featuring members of his Giinchy Crew and others. Dropped on this Friday, February 5th, Giinchy5x is sure to satisfy his established fan base, as well as attract new listeners as Don Meeno continues to develop his already iconic flow.



Free The Gang 

@tommiesky1 ft Raff - Free The Gang (single)… go listen now. Link In BioπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


Changing Sculpture - Charlie McCord

Charlie McCord is a songwriter, composer and guitarist self producing records from his home studio in Los Angeles. Check for more music! If you’d like to work with charlie - Email Here

Changing Sculpture


Sharif D + Black Cherry – If I Was Yours | Respect Music Records

After the success of Sharif D’s “Hearts & Hormones” on Respect Music Records earlier in the year, we are excited to announce yet another sexy house number by this super talented Producer/Performer. This time however, we find Sharif collaborating with an emerging act by the name of Black Cherry to deliver this Soulful Tropical House number just in time for the Southern Hemispheres Summer Season, titled “If I Was Yours”. Black Cherry bring a dash of their Vocal Soul, Disco and R’n’B influences to the flawless house vibes that Sharif has laid down.

This package not only comes loaded with Radio Edit, Extended Club Mix, Extended Club Instrumental and Acapella + Hats DJ Tool. It also has 4 amazing remixes catering to completely different niches within the music scene. Firstly we have an ultra chilled remix by Sharif D perfect for any Cafe Del Mar style setting. Secondly we have a musical Nu Disco vibe courtesy of Mark Maxwell, who has created the perfect soundtrack for cat walks and pool parties worldwide. Thirdly we have the Phonatics offering a throbbing House vibe perfect for your underground club vibes and dance floors. Whilst last but not least we have the bass heavy Garage vibes of Rouge, delivering a stomping remix guaranteed to turn out festivals or big room clubs alike.

So as you can see there is a little something for everyone on here.
Bringin’ The Funk, Soul & Rhythm Every Time!


About Respect Music Records

Respect Music‘s own independent digital label supporting similar styles to that of Respect Music Radio such as Funk, Soul, Reggae, House, Jazz, Breakbeat, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Garage, 2-Step, Dubstep or Trap, no matter the genre as long as it has Soul, Funk or Rhythm influencing its core we will support it!



Chloe Collins - Forget Your Name

“Forget Your Name” by teenage singer/songwriter Chloe Collins from the independently released EP “5@15”

Chloe Collins - Forget Your Name





After six years from their debut album “Music from the Fab Box”, Fab Box are back on back on track with a new work released by Italian label Art Media Music.

The italian melodic rock duo formed by Fabrizio Ugolini (former vocalist of hard rock band Revenge) and Massimo Bozzi (whose collaborations include big stars from Italian pop scene) returns to propose their mixture of rock, pop, country and westcoast sound that had already garnered enthusiastic response for their debut album.

Simply titled “Two”, the album features ten tracks written, arranged and produced by Fabrizio and Massimo. The songs were recorded in the studios of Art Media Music of Mondolfo (PU - Italy), featuring Matteo Pantaleoni (drums) Matteo Moretti (bass) as well as various Italian and international guest musicians including Paolo Pedretti, Paolo Gennari, Tonino “Crosby” Landini and Gab Guma. Fab Box also teamed with Caris Arkin , Joy Salinas and the well known bass player and producer Fabrizio Grossi.

“Two” is an attempt for Fab Box to further characterise their sound towards a more rocking attitude, without giving up to the richness of atmospheres and influences that marked their music in such a peculiar way. The result is a pleasantly varied album, with instant radio appeal songs as “Unconditional” and “Test of Time”, 80’s flavour rockers (”Something is coming your way“ , ”Heaven on Earth”, “Starting up a fire”) and some more intimistic ballads (”Freedom”, “Kathy” e “It’s not the end”).



Livv ft. Jason Nelson - Oh Come Emmanuel

Livv features on gospel veteran, Jason Nelson’s, Christmas single, “Oh Come Emmanuel”.  


Aaron Camper - Hypnotizing (Official Video)

Aaron Camper releases new video ” Hypnotizing”, on June 26th, 2015, after his June 16th single release. Hypnotizing is the 2nd single off Aaron’s upcoming EP, which is set to release this August. Aaron collaborated with New Jersey native and Two-Time GRAMMY Nominated Producer DJ Camper who has worked with many renowned artists such as Jay Z, Brandy, Neyo, Tamar Braxton and so many others. Philadelphia native and GRAMMY Nominated Platinum Songwriter Tytewriter penned Hypnotizing.

Charismatic, stylish, and one of a kind singer/songwriter Aaron Camper is traveling the world and capturing the hearts of fans along the way. Aaron is a native of Salisbury, MD, and is well known as an explosive performer. Camper has worked with a myriad of artist like David Guetta, Diddy Dirty Money, Chris Daddy Dave, Jill Scott and Eric Roberson to name a few. In 2008, he earned a GRAMMY nomination, and in 2014 his song was placed as the theme song for The Queen Latifah Show.

Dead Rock West - Used To Love You

Cindy Wasserman and Frank Lee Drennen came together as Dead Rock West over 10 years ago in Los Angeles, CA when they wanted to make music that captures the classic “California vibe”. By channelling the melodies and harmonies of The Beach Boys, the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield, Dead Rock West distilled the essences of this sound, their musical influences and their own unique sound to record and release their debut album, Honey and Salt (2007). The success of Honey and Salt lead to a series of live tour dates, studio and live collaborations, and 3 new LP releases throughout the 00’s and early 10’s.



Zaza - Fashion Girl

Growing up in Kazakhstan, urban pop recording artist Zaza felt out of place in her inner circle of family and friends, in her home country, and in her own skin. Music provided the refuge of belonging she so craved. It wasn’t about listening to it—as there was very little music in her household or around her neighborhood—as much as it was about the catharsis of making it. Music swept her away, both inwardly and outwardly. Now, with striking individuality, she steps forward as a recording artist with a brace of singles and videos.

Zaza’s first volley of material include the singles “Fashion Girl,” “Love Me More,” and “Cobra.” The tracks exude the sensual rawness of hip-hop, pristine modern pop craftsmanship, and adventurous electronic ambience. Her lyrics are emotionally bold and empowering. On “Fashion Girl,” she depicts the isolation and disconnection models feel as they’re lauded for their physicality, but often neglected emotionally. 


Spanish Kiss Words & Music By JG 1


The Flood - CHVSE (Original Mix)


Eddie Murphy

Wildboyra 13 year old DMV Rap Artist New Single Eddie Murphy.  Can you name all of the Eddie Murphy features in this song go preview the Album B.A.N. Building a Nation by Wildboyra or