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What's The Best Music To Work Out To?

Whether you work out on your own every once and a while or go to the gym every day, you know that it can be difficult to exercise without listening to music. Some people prefer the quiet, but most enjoy using workout playlists to help them get through their exercise routine. 
That’s why there’s a ton of options out there for you to choose from when you decide what music to listen to while you complete your workout. The music industry has even adapted to include artists who focus on producing music specifically designed for people who exercise.
So out of all the songs and playlists you’ll find with a quick search before you tie your workout shoes, which are the right ones for you? Check out this list to find the best music to work out to, so you can power through your next routine and focus on your fitness goals.

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The Love Of Listening To Music And The Radio While Driving Is Not Dead

Be it running errands, commuting or driving to the other corner of the country, we invariably like listening to music and the radio in our cars.

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What Does “Success” In Music Mean?

Guest post by Patrick McGuire. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper

For some, it’s the ability to pay one’s bills exclusively through making music. Others think they’ll find it once their songs hit a certain number of plays over streaming platforms, or once they sell out of a run of physical copies of a new album. I personally love being on the road, and am always striving to feel like the crowd out there is really excited to see me play my music. That’s when I feel truly successful.

Success means something different to every musician, but one thing is clear: Musical success is no longer, and may never again be, what it used to be. I’ve been thinking about this question a lot, what success really means right now. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

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The Remarkable Effects Music Can Have On Student Success

Music is a magical art form that is well-known and nurtured by almost every culture in the world for centuries. Most people listen to music for fun, but it actually has many other implications that strongly affect human beings.


According to a famous study, individuals who listen to music do it to regulate arousal and mood, to achieve self-awareness, and as an expression of social relatedness, but we want to concentrate on the fact that beautiful tunes can arouse and strengthen students’ mental activities.


It turns out that this type of art can have remarkable effects on academic success and achievements. It’s not possible to identify every single effect, but we can definitely pinpoint nine features that make music such an effective driver of mental activities. Without further ado, let’s check them out here!

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How To Choose Music For Retail Stores And Why It Is Important

If you haven’t already figured it out, music is quite crucial to your business and the influence you have on consumers who walk into your store. It reflects the personality of your brand, makes the experience better for your customers, and even boosts your sales if you do it just right.

The problem with most store owners is that they tend to go for the music that appeals to them, rather than the kind of music that will appeal to customers. Creating the right playlist is key. However, you need to know a few things about how it all works.

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Find Your Fans: Using Data To Analyze Your Audience

Whether you like it or not, every social media site and music streaming platform is collecting loads of data about their users. This information can be used to your advantage to draw powerful insights about your audience.

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Take Some Notes—4 Ways To Deepen Your Love Of Music

Music can help improve memory and mood. It is also just fun. If you’re looking to strengthen your relationship with music, here are some guaranteed ways to do that.

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Is Music A Good Career Choice For Me/My Child? 

Should my child become a professional musician?   This is the question I get most often from conscientious dads/moms who want to make sure their child chooses a field that will enable them to have stable income and employment.   

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Get The Show On The Road With Gig Transport!

No matter your choice of medium, bringing your art on the road is key to your success. Whether you’re a musician, actor, or travelling artist, you’ll need to consider packing up as safely and efficiently as possible before a tour.

We’ve put together a quick guide to getting the show on the road no matter what your gig entails. These simple tips should be beneficial to the smallest performance or the largest showcase.

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5 Unexpected Ways Music Improves Your Workout

With illnesses and disorders abounding in our generation, many people seem to have a run for the gym to work out stresses and tensions. These workout gigs are mostly aimed at enjoying the glow of health. What is more, you can always wear a pair of new orange leggings and sports bra. Because, you know, girls are as much a buff for exercise as boys are. I would think of fitness as not just about hitting the gym; it is also about inner happiness as well as overall well-being.

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How To Make An Audience Feel Nostalgic Using Music

Guest post by Hunter Farris. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper

Have you ever gone back to your childhood stomping grounds and felt goosebumps from some profound sense of immediate nostalgia? Do you ever get that same feeling watching television or a film?

There’s something magical about a director or composer’s ability to create that poignant sense of looking back or the joy of feeling like a kid again, and the cascade of emotions that come with it, with image and sound. Depending on the project, it might be as simple as a well-arranged descending chord progression, or adding sound designto paint an expressive picture of a particular moment in time shared by many of us in our youth, like a swing set or a wind chime, for example. But there really is no one magical trick that works for all audiences all the time.

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Types Of Music To Listen While Doing Yoga

If you like yoga you probably listen to a specific, music genre while exercising. How do we know that? 3 out of 4 yogis listen to music while exercising. If we add that more than 80% of them exercise at home, we know that each person has the countless abilities to create his own playlist. During just one workout, you will be able to listen to around 12 songs. Anyway, now we must reveal which types of music you can listen while doing yoga.

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Fortunate Musician: How Your Band Can Get More Gigs

Every band has to start out somewhere—even today’s most popular bands were once local bands looking for gigs to play. While you may get your fair share of shows here and there, you’ve probably found that combing through Craigslist and posting on social media isn’t enough to find the right shows. If you’re ready to get to the next level, read on for four ways you can guarantee that your band gets more gigs than ever before.

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How Music Affects Your Memory

Has it ever happened to you that you hear an old touching song that brought up beautiful memories? The power of music is so strong that it creates some special links in our minds, especially during the earlier stages of our lives.

Music can help people with damaged memory remember some events from their past. This is most useful with people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

On the other hand, playing a musical instrument can improve your memory as well. In this article, we’re going to discuss these topics and show you the major benefits that music can bring to your memory.

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