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The Curse Of The Golden Ear: In Search Of Headphones

There’s a reason the term starving artist applies to musicians more than any other creative group - mimes included. It’s a gift to be able to make music, and it takes an incredible amount of skill to get good at it. But those abilities come with a curse: As we advance in our careers the lust for better equipment grows stronger and stronger.

If you’ve ever skipped your car payment to get new gear, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So it’s somewhat begrudgingly that I share my latest experience and list because I know many of you will whip that plastic out of your collective wallets faster than Johnny Rabb with two sticks. So here we go…

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Favorite Songs For Testing Headphones, Speakers

Guest post by the Soundfly Team. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper

Last week, we published a short playlist of songs curated by songwriter, performer, and author Evan Zwisler, featuring his “8 Favorite Songs to Use to Test Headphones and Speakers.” Since then, we’ve been pleasantly overwhelmed with your amazing suggestions of more songs that can be used for the same referencing purposes. Thanks so much for your input!

We’ve collected and added all of your suggestions into the following playlist, and below we’re highlighting some of songs and comments from the community that we found the most helpful. One piece of advice that came up a few times was that if you’re going to be using the headphones or speakers to mix your own music, you should test them using music that has a similar arrangement or production style to your own.

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Headphone Shopping? 5 Key Qualities To Look For

So your old pair of headphones has bitten the dust and it’s time to find a new pair. If you have tried out more than a couple pairs of headphones, you know by now that finding a pair you like is a tricky business. Some produce only treble sounds, canceling out your well-loved bass. Others allow you to hear noise around you or let people around you hear your music. When you are buying your next set of headphones, consider these five qualities that are integral in purchasing the right set for you.

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5 Reasons Why Every DJ Needs High-End Headphones

Headphones are the essential tool of every serious DJ, just like a pickaxe was crucial for a miner of the past to do any work, headphones are the first equipment you have to get, if you want to become a DJ. If for any reasons like thinking average headphones will do or because you don’t have the money to spend on high-end products, use inferior headphones, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

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Listen Anywhere: The Best Apps And Accessories For Music Lovers

You use your smartphone for just about everything these days. Sending emails, playing games, connecting with old friends on social media… So why not listen to your favorite tunes while you walk the dog? But with so many apps and accessories out there, how do you know which ones will work for you? Here are a few options perfect for music lovers.

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