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How To Get Over String Breaking Phobia Once And For All

A baby lion is not afraid of running alone in the vastness of savanna. The same behavior can be typical for a guitarist, who has only begun a long journey into the diverse world of music. One of the points that he discovers very soon, is that many people - including skilled musicians who use the same instrument-, tend to overreact over little things. And often times it leads to the constant discomfort from even such a regular process as pulling the strings. A human brain is capable of getting rid of many psychological obstacles. And a string breaking phobia is not an exception.

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The Curse Of The Golden Ear: In Search Of Headphones

There’s a reason the term starving artist applies to musicians more than any other creative group - mimes included. It’s a gift to be able to make music, and it takes an incredible amount of skill to get good at it. But those abilities come with a curse: As we advance in our careers the lust for better equipment grows stronger and stronger.

If you’ve ever skipped your car payment to get new gear, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So it’s somewhat begrudgingly that I share my latest experience and list because I know many of you will whip that plastic out of your collective wallets faster than Johnny Rabb with two sticks. So here we go…

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The Huge Growth In Electric Pianos - Modern Digital Pianos

The electric or digital piano has come so far in the last 10-15 years with the increase of technology. I still have an older Yamaha digital piano that I purchased 15 years ago and it is crazy to compare them to what is coming out now. These keyboards are used all over music from studio musicians all the way to live performers. The good thing about these instruments is that they come in at all different price ranges. You can find a keyboard that is fairly cheap that still will get the job done for you depending on what you’re trying to do. 

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How To Get An Endorsement As A Musician

This guest post by Monique Hernandez-Fuentes of originally apeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.

Recently one of our partners asked for the best way to get endorsed as a musician. We have come a long way in the last nearly forty years from when endorsements were easy to come by for musicians everywhere who simply had an awesome look and a cool sound.

Nowadays, the industry has changed dramatically, so I thought I would offer some pointers for the best way to get an endorsement from the company you love.

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Here Are The Top 2 Music Accessories You Need This Summer

For music lovers, though, summer simply isn’t the same without these two accessories: a Bluetooth speaker and a pair of great of headphones.

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4 Essentials Every Recording Studio Needs To Have In Place

Whether you’re making your own music or setting up shop for others, a recording studio can be an incredible place. It’s in the studio that aspirations can become a reality. However, a studio alone isn’t enough to create a quality recording experience. You need to give it all the necessary amenities. Here are four essentials every recording studio needs to have in place.

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Using A New Rehearsal Venue? How To Safely Transport Your Band Instruments 

As a musician, you must become accustomed to sudden changes of venue. When you specialize in playing instruments, safe transportation to new venues can be vital to the longevity of your instruments. Here, you will find several ways to safely transport your instruments to new rehearsal venues.

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Not Experimenting With Instruments? You're Doing Things Wrong

When we think of the standard instrumentation we hear in bands and orchestras, we tend to stick to what we’re used to. I’m here to tell you times are a’changing, and whether you trade your viola for an electric violin or your guitar for a modular synthesizer, the world of opportunities can have a profound impact on your music, even when you return to your original instrument.

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The Essentials For Buying A Reasonably Priced Bass Guitar

It can be somewhat naive to think that there’s a sure gem among all those dirt-cheap guitars you see being sold online and in music stores. You know there’s bound to be a catch - a plasticky feel here, an awful tone there, or some structural damage that can cause you to spend more on having the guitar fixed than the guitar itself. 

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Top Gear for DJs

Every musician has a certain style and preference, and for DJs, being different is what it’s going to take to make you stand out in the industry. One way an artist does this is by using and discovering new gear. Gear not only increases productivity but also can add new elements to your sound. Here’s some of the most innovative equipment for DJs to look out for.

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