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How Working In Surround Sound Affected My Stereo Mixes

Guest post by Stephen Bartlett. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper

We all know the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

For me, when I’m mixing a track or an album, I feel like I’m painting a three-dimensional picture. Using panning, frequency sculpting, and volume adjustments as my tools, I’m creating something that will transport the listener somewhere else in space and time (which is why I love music so much). So surely, this three-dimensional, transformative picture is worth like ten thousand words!

Of all the memorable lessons I’ve been taught over the last 15 years, I think learning to mix in surround sound has helped me paint that picture as vividly as possible, each and every time. Here’s why.

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4 Unique Guitar Display Ideas For Home Music Studios

Maintaining a music studio in the comfort of your own home can be terrific. It can make you feel proud. It can add a sense of convenience to your recording sessions, practices, and beyond, too. If you’re a guitarist who wants to keep your musical instruments in tiptop condition, then you should think about these innovative display strategies as soon as possible. It’s imperative to safeguard your guitars at all times.

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4 Essentials Every Recording Studio Needs To Have In Place

Whether you’re making your own music or setting up shop for others, a recording studio can be an incredible place. It’s in the studio that aspirations can become a reality. However, a studio alone isn’t enough to create a quality recording experience. You need to give it all the necessary amenities. Here are four essentials every recording studio needs to have in place.

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Top 10 Home Studio Mistakes And How To Fix Them [Infographic]

A lot of home studio owners come from backgrounds totally outside the music industry. 

We have a passion, a dream, a need to rebel maybe, and addiction to cool gear, a need to get away from ‘life’. 

There is a reason from everybody to want to create music or just be involved somehow even if the background or education or lack thereof might say otherwise. I’m totally on that train.

This train, however, leaves room for a lot of mistakes, learning by experimenting and grabbing bits and pieces over time.

So, let’s speed things up and cut down on some of the mistakes that might creep up in your home studio.

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Got Gear Or Skills? Here Are 8 Other Ways To Make Money With Them [Infographic]

If you haven’t made it big with your music yet but you’ve picked up some gear and some skills why not put them to other uses? Using the resources you already have you could create an additional income stream. Sure, it will take a bit of extra work but it can also help you make connections in the industry.

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5 Great, Affordable Home Recording Studios In Nashville

Planning on recording in Nashville but put off by the high cost of studio time?  Don’t overlook the area’s numerous home studios.  Here are five where you can get great results without busting your budget.

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3 Common Recording Studio Construction Mistakes

If you’re a serious musician, you’ve probably considered building your own space at home for playing and recording music. A home studio used to involve a lot of work and a huge expense, but in recent years recording technology has become more user friendly and less expensive, making it possible for anyone to create a recording space that operates on their schedule.

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Singer Songwriter's Guide To Home Recording Equipment

When designing a studio and purchasing the equipment for it you need to decide what you’re studio is going to be used for, what kind of music you are going to be making? This guide to studio equipment is the essentials for a singer songwriter looking to do release worthy recordings at home. 

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Guide To Improving Home Studio Acoustics [INFOGRAPHIC]

There have beenLeaps and bounds in music technology over the past decade; giving the run-of-the-mill musician a new found set of applications and musical suites at their fingertips.

This has seen a sharp increase in the number of recording spaces popping up in domestic dwellings. A pair of cheap monitors, a budget microphone and some clever configuration of increasingly intuitive recording programs is the usual plan of attack for those forgoing the professional recording experience in favour of a DIY-approach.

It takes more than a random arrangement of recording equipment in a granny flat to create a studio that will actually sound good, however.

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What Goes Where? Setting Up A Recording Studio

Your first attempt at recording a song or even just vocals at home will likely include the built in microphone and soundcard of your computer or even a webcam.  It’s a confusing task to even understand what all pieces of studio gear are required, let alone how they must be connected to operate properly.  Newcomers become intimidated almost immediately, but think of these factoids…

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Protect Your Sound Studio

Sound engineers spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on their equipment. This quality equipment is a hot target for thieves and burglars if you don’t have adequate security. Whether you have a professional or home sound studio, make sure it’s protected from dishonest people. Here are some tips to get you started.

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