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5 Production Mistakes Most DIY Musicians Make (Including Me)

I’ve been making home recordings for about 10 years, which means I’ve learned through mistakes.

So here are five recording mistakes beginner producers make. Five mistakes I’ve made.

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The Convergence Of Acoustic And Electronic Drums

We see a bunch of electronic instruments when looking a modern rock or pop group, including guitars, basses, and keyboards. What about drums? Acoustic sets are still the most popular for live performances, but you might be surprised at how many electronic components might be in use. This can range from using standalone pads to acoustic drums that actually use electronically triggered heads.

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5 Bad Habits That Songwriters With Home Studios Need To Quit

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a songwriter, musician or producer with a home studio. But let me guess, you don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything done and, as a result, your songwriting has suffered. Right?

Being aware of our bad habits can bring about change and get us back on track.

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Negotiating A Music Producer Agreement: 7 Key Issues

This post by Canadian entertainment lawyer Byron Pascoe originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

Whether you’re a music producer, or a performing artist working with a producer, it’s important to discuss the terms of your arrangement with each other.

While it’s better late than never to formalize the artist-producer relationship, it’s easier to start the conversation before heading into the studio, and much easier before the music generates interest and money.

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How Music Production Costs Are Impacting Songwriters

Maybe you have written some good song lyrics and believe you’re a good songwriter (or at least have been told so). So now, all you need to make it big is to record the right songs that will get picked up by a major label, artist, or publisher, right?

Well, not exactly. Not according to industry statistics, which have painted a dismal picture for the music creation fraternity; especially songwriters. To begin with, approximately 19 out of every 20 songwriters, who have had their music published, do not earn enough from their craft to live comfortably. That is, according to figures released by several performing rights organizations in the U.S.

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Music Visualization: From Rubens' Tube to Magic Software

Forty years ago, an innovative new technology called music visualization changed the way we enjoy music. Music visualization features electronically generated shapes and images that are based on the sounds of the music, which allow us to see the songs as well as hear them.

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