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5 Reasons To Start A Band (Other Than Fame And Fortune)

Let’s be honest - we’ve all had ‘the dream’. Millions of adoring fans singing every word back to us, an army of teamsters at our beck and call, an endless supply of money and every other vice under the sun, never having to deal with the daily grind, the 9 to 5, or the Man ever again. Please note the emphasis on ‘dream’.

We need to careful in this day and age - particularly us millennials, who apparently want everything done for us already - that we’re doing things for the right reasons. On the one hand, we can’t expect that whatever we create is a guaranteed meal ticket; on the other, we shouldn’t create something solely to become a meal ticket. If you work for your meals - or even make them yourself - they’ll taste better anyway.

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5 Tips For Working With Touring Bands, Artists

Whether you’re a festival organizer or simply cobbling together a basement show at the last minute (but please don’t) there are certain practices when working with mid-level or less well known acts that will help build goodwill and make sure the performance goes off smoothly.

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How To Tap Into Creativity When Inspiration Won't Strike

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman. This article originally appeared on the Symphonic Blog.

If you’ve ever sat down to get some work done and been suddenly hit with a mental roadblock, this one’s for you. We all have moments where we feel uninspired no matter how hard we concentrate, and it can be frustrating when we can’t seem to find our way past it.

Luckily, there are many ways to boost creativity in a situation like this.

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How To Save Money On Tour This Summer: 5 Tips

Guest post by Gideon Waxman. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper

Being an independent touring musician might seem like a dream job for many. But the truth is that it’s not quite as glamorous as it’s made out to be, and the early stages of touring for an artist or band can be tough and grueling.

The fees aren’t great, and if you’re lucky to sell out of merchandise while on the road, that might just be your biggest source of income for the tour. In order to maximize your earnings you will need to minimize your spending. As the old English proverb says: “look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves.” Instilling good spending habits will allow a band to continue to grow while being financially sustainable.


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Musician's Malady: 4 Ways To Relax After A Grueling Show 

Most of a musician’s time is spent honing their craft, preparing for shows, and playing performances. However, once the shows are over, it can be hard for musicians to handle the inevitable crash felt after riding that live music high. Musicians looking to overcome this musician’s malady should try the following ideas.

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Submit Hub - A Scam

I’m part of a band that has had its fair share of false-starts over the years. Preparing for these false starts, I’ve repeatedly put together lists of potential blogs to pitch our music to when we’re building up to a release. To do this, I head over to The Hype Machine, head to the indexed sites, filter what’s relevant to my music, and then take down the details from the list I’m presented with. I’ll generally head to each blog, look up their submission guidelines, and make a couple of notes to personalise my emails to them, where possible. A couple of years ago, the vast majority of the blogs suggested the same – a variation on sending an email with a link to stream, be it via your own email or a web form. Since then, there has been an increasing trend towards using a service called Submit Hub.

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Networking For Introverts

As a newsletter recipient of Dorie Clark (keynote speaker, author of “Stand Out Networking”) I became aware of a fantastic article in the Harvard Business Review that suits my company tamanguu very well, in which she discusses the challenges and solutions for introverts in business networking.

Many music artists, but also music managers, who I met in my music business career, were introverted people. It sounds as paradoxical as it is when Dorie Clark characterises herself as introverted, despite she is often on stage as a keynote speaker. However, performing on stage is something different than business networking off the stage. Also for extroverts, this article includes some useful hints and insights.

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7 Scientific Studies Prove Exercise Makes You A Better Musician

What does it take to become a successful musician?

Some say it’s hard work. Others suggest it is in the DNA. However, inborn talent can only take you so far. The success in the music industry is not different from the successes in any other field. You need to have some passion, loads of dedication, andright attitude. But there’s something that comes before everything else.

A study by Help Musicians UK revealed that musicians are three times more likely to suffer from mental illness. Self-doubts, and stress resulting from the rejections, the failures, and the incredibly high-pressure take its toll on your mind and body. It is incredibly important to take care of your mental and physical health because you cannot have a long and fulfilling career with poor health. 

Here are a few reasons why exercise will make you a better musician:

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Here’s A Tax Loophole Just Songwriters

Guest post from Soundfly’s Flypaper. This article originally appeared on the Royalty Exchange Blog

Most of us songwriters have no idea that there’s a special tax loophole created just for us. For some artists, this change cuts our taxes right in half.

In 2006, Congress lowered the tax rate for songwriters who sell a part of their catalogs. It did this by reclassifying income from the sale of a catalog as “capital gains” instead of “ordinary income.”

Don’t worry, we’re not going to go full tax accountant on you. Here’s the simple explanation of what this means.

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How To Stay In Love With The Craft Of Songwriting

This post by Caleb J. Murphy originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

I hate songwriting when things aren’t flowing.

Okay, that’s not totally true. I always love the craft of songwriting, but I get super frustrated when nothing is showing up even though I am. When I’ve been working on a song for months or even years and it’s not finished, I feel like giving up.

So to help you (and me) stay in love with the craft of songwriting, here are some things you can do.

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Unsigned And Social – Touring On A Shoestring Budget

Guest post by Willa B.

Recently, my band, Storm the Palace, did a weekend tour in England, in the London area. The whole thing offered some good general takeaways for getting the most out of a short space of time when you don’t have much money, being your own PR machine, and utilising the differences inherent to every venue.

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FAA Ruling For Air Travel: You CAN Carry On Your Guitar!

Remember: the U.S. Department of Transportation issued a final rule to implement section 403 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (Pub. L. 112-95, 49 U.S.C. §41724) regarding the carriage of musical instruments as carry-on baggage or checked baggage on commercial passenger flights operated by air carriers. The final rule does not change the earlier provisions of the Act, but mercifully puts a period at the end of the sentence: “Section 403 of the Act and this final rule provide that “carriers are required to allow passengers to stow their musical instruments in an approved stowage area in the cabin only if at the time the passenger boards the aircraft such stowage space is available.”

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8 Essential Pages For Your Music Website

This guest post from Dave Cool is an excerpt from Bandzoogle’s free online guide How to make a website for your music

When you’re designing a website for your music, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is what menu options to have, and how to organize them. Here are some key points to keep in mind when mapping out the navigation for your site:

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Tips For Writing A Music Resume Which Will Get You Results

Guest post by Chloe Bennet 

Music industry absolutely requires you to have a professional, engaging and well formatted resume to get the job hunt success that you are looking for. Music is a field in which there is a fluid collection of skills which you need to be able to demonstrate you have on paper, and not all of them are that simple to explain. It can be a daunting task trying to go about proving your suitability for a music firm through the resume, especially if having a good resume is a pre-requisite to earning yourself an interview.

So, with that all said, here are some methods for writing a great music resume.

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