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Tips From 40+ International Jazz Promoters

43 jazz festival & venue promoters around the world took part in a survey for Jazzfuel about how they discover & book artists. Here’s the super short round up…

(If you’re reading this as a promoter and have another point of view to add, please feel free to post in the comments section at the bottom of this page)

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How To Approach Venues About Booking

Knowing how to properly represent yourself to venues is an essential skill for independent artists. There is no definitive playbook for getting gigs, but here are some things that can help.

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Brand New Book - How To Succeed With Self-Produced Concerts

For musical artists who are just breaking in, or experienced performers who have been at it a long time, this book is a helpful tool to manage the new era of independent music: This guide will show you how to take control of your ability to find or create new places to play, book venues on your own, be your own agent, manager, promoter and publicist. This means taking control of all aspects of the touring business and having a system in place that will greatly increase your proficiency to make it work.

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Six 8

The team behind Six8, a live music community, are beyond proud to present to you Six8 – A live music community.  Uber for live entertainment, Airtasker for artists, AirBNB for venues: Six8 is live music entering the sharing economy.

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6 Different Ways To Book A Tour Date (Even In Cities You've Never Been To)

How would things change if you could book great gigs in great cities everywhere?

If you could snatch up better venues in less time?

And if you could curse a lot less while doing it?

It’s possible.  I’ll show you 6 ways that any independent artist can use.

But first let me tell you a little about 23 year old Brandon (me) and how he (I) learned an important lesson in efficiency and humility.

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