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Tips From 40+ International Jazz Promoters

43 jazz festival & venue promoters around the world took part in a survey for Jazzfuel about how they discover & book artists. Here’s the super short round up…

(If you’re reading this as a promoter and have another point of view to add, please feel free to post in the comments section at the bottom of this page)

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How Are Music Festivals Becoming More Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable?

Summer is fast approaching, and with it festival season. For the average festival goer, this season is a time of rocking out to your favorite bands, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the all-round good summer vibes. But for the environment, festivals often mean masses of people, large amounts of energy waste, tons of plastic and other trash left behind and other negatively affecting factors — all of which remain overlooked by the everyday reveler.  With the state of our planet quickly deteriorating, it’s no longer acceptable to ignore the environmental impact of these sorts of gatherings.


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The Evolution Of The UK Festival Scene

Fashion: it’s been at the centre of music culture since way back when, from Teddy Boys to Hippies, Glam to Grime, you only had to look at the UK’s festival season to see these styles being flaunted. And what better way to get you in that festival mood than a crash course in UK festival fashion? River Island have put together a visual history to show how it’s evolved over the years, from Hippies and Rockers to Ravers and Hipsters and everything in between. Who knows, you might even find some inspiration for your look this festival season…

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How To Keep Yourself Safe And Secure At A Music Festival

With longer summer days comes plenty of music festivals held across the country. Whether you are a lover of alternative, rock, country or Christian rock, there is a fun and vibrant festival calling your name. However, not everything at a festival is fun and games. Instead, you must actively take steps to keep yourself safe and healthy while there. Here are five ways that you can do this while still having plenty of fun.

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How To Get Booked At Music Festivals

This post was written by Lisa Occhino and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

Booking a music festival gig is one of the most effective ways to grow your fanbase and grab the attention of industry tastemakers. Earning a coveted slot on a festival lineup is a key indicator that you’re not only an extremely talented band, but also that you’re serious about putting in the work to take your music career to the next level.

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14 Ways Musicians Can Make Money from Live Shows

You know the adage, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket“. Musicians just can’t afford to do that anymore. There are just so many baskets and each one has its benefits. Some baskets will be more important to you, and some will be more important during specific times in your career.

Think of the below list as a bunch of baskets related to making money from your live performance, and determine which ones you want to use. Some of these will be no-brainers, but they’re still on the list as a reminder.

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Pitch Your Tent: Tips For Camping At A Festival

Camping at a festival sounds exciting and fun, but without proper preparation, the trip could turn into quite the fiasco. To avoid this scenario, campers need to be ready for the adventure they are embarking on. This could take some research of the area and learning the basics of camping, if new to the scene.

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Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave: America's 5 Best Music Festivals

The days of Woodstock, Lilith Fair, and Lollapalooza may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean that the current generation of concertgoer has to miss out on the festival experience. From the highs of enjoying the best in modern music, with tens of thousands of like-minded souls, to the lows of enduring those same people ahead of you in line for the Porta-Potty, anyone with a ticket can enjoy some amazing festival experiences.

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