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How To Approach Venues About Booking

Knowing how to properly represent yourself to venues is an essential skill for independent artists. There is no definitive playbook for getting gigs, but here are some things that can help.

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Your Band Is Your Brand

Your band is the music making machine that will enable your career, and your brand is the face of your music that people will learn to know and love. Your brand can be a powerful and invaluable asset that holds deep meaning for your fans and others who interact with it.

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When Should You Hire A Booking Agent?

Every artist goes through phases of their career as they evolve and mature over time. No matter how famous an artist becomes, they all started out somewhere. In the early days, a lot of bands book their own shows until it becomes necessary to seek out an agent or when an agent finds them. For serious artists, hiring a booking agent can be a big step in launching their music career to the next level. If you are wondering when you should get a booking agent, here are some things to consider:


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