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Garage Band: 5 Unique Places to Have Band Practice

Almost every band, whether famous or just starting out, understands the struggle of finding and maintaining adequate rehearsal space. When the money and relationships necessary for a band to thrive are all but non-existent, a little creativity may help the band stay afloat.



Many churches, especially those with strong community ties, make their facilities available to bands, although some may require a small fee, which will go toward any utilities used during rehearsals. Musicians might even be able to trade use of the property for rendering musical talents during worship services.


Storage Facilities

Storage units at facilities like Corona Storage Units are relatively cheap and, except for the occasional customer stopping by to unload boxes, they offer some limited privacy. That means you won’t have to be concerned about disturbing the neighbors, and since the attendant usually leaves the premises a few hours before the gates lock for the evening, you can expect at least a couple of hours of almost complete seclusion.


School Practice Rooms

If you or any of your band mates happen to attend a college with a music program, you may be in luck. Many schools have practice rooms available for students, often requiring reservations, typically free and equipped with pianos or keyboards. Provided you can put up with noise from neighboring rooms, you may have found an ideal practice space.


Small Shops

Small stores have been known to extend use of their facilities to bands, provided rehearsals can be held after hours. To sweeten the deal, you can even offer free advertisement at performances. Coffee shops may even allow you to practice for free in exchange for entertainment during their dining hours (that is, if they feel the band is up to it). Shops far from residential areas and those that aren’t sharing a lot with any 24-hour stores or restaurants are more ideal and likely to be more welcoming.


Storage Shed

A storage or tool shed might be a great alternative to the typical garage. An article in The Washington Post tells the story about members of a Christian rock band, called the Cana Blessing, who built a practice shed after finding a shortage of rehearsal options. As long as the neighbors can handle the noise and with a little innovation (maybe padding and headphones), you may have found your perfect rehearsal space.


Finding the right space might mean knocking on a few doors and even a little begging, but success in music is impossible without persistence. Rehearsal space is a must, if you plan to keep the band together, a reality that some have discovered the hard way.

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