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Make Yourself An Irreplaceable Musician

This ariticle originally appeared on the Sonicbids Blog

This may be difficult, but try to picture your role in the band. Not just as the drummer or guitarist, but seriously look at your significance in the group. Unfortunately, many musicians find themselves as “cogs” in the system. They show up to band practice, learn the songs just enough to get by, go home, and repeat the same process. While there could be far worse situations, being a “cog” doesn’t make you unique. In fact, it makes you entirely replaceable.

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Concert Road Warriors - How To Show Your Affection For Your Favorite Bands

When you go to concerts, it’s more fun if you can find interesting and effective ways to support your favorite bands. It doesn’t matter if these are world famous musicians or simply friends of yours who have started a local band that you want to support. Either way, there are ways to show your loyalty and make the experience of attending concerts more fun for you and your friends.

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