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Entries in Cyber PR (57)


America by Rajdulari

Rajdulari sings America as apart of Cyber PR®s 9/11 Tribute campaign.

Rajdulari, America, Letty


Can't Quit by My Silent Bravery

My Silent Bravery sings Can’t Quit as a part of Cyber PR®s 9/11 Tribute.

Can't Quit by My Silent Bravery


Common Ground by Rob Owen

Rob Owen sings Common Ground as a part of Cyber PR®s 9/11 Tribute.

Common Ground by Rob Owen


Hero in the Dark by Eric Hansen

Eric Hansen sings Hero in the Dark as a part of Cyber PR®s 9/11 Tribute.

Hero in the Dark


No More War by Steely James

Steely James singsNo More War as a part of Cyber PR®s 9/11 Tribute.

Steely James


Angel of the Fallen by Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson sings Angel of the Fallen as a part of Cyber PR®s 9/11 Tribute.

Angel of the Fallen


Hero In My Eyes by Jennie Walker

Jennie Walker sings Hero in My Eyes as a part of Cyber PR®s 9/11 Tribute.

Hero in My Eyes


Phone Call by Derik Nelson

Derik Nelson sings Phone Call as a part of Cyber PR®’s 9/11 Tribute.

Phone Call


Faith is An Angel by Joe Blanda

Joe Blanda sings Faith is An Angel as a part of Cyber PR®’s 9/11 Tribute.

Faith is an Angel-Joe Blanda


Señorita by Savio Rego

Singer-Songwriter Savio Rego was born in Bombay, India and raised in San Jose, California. Having left behind a successful career in Banking, this Californian singer-songwriter has gone back to his first love – music. Savio started playing guitar at the age of 13. As a self-taught guitarist, his playing evolved over the years. The first song he learned was “Patience” by Guns N’ Roses.

Senorita by Savio Rego


Kiss Me by Sound of Surrender

Sound of Surrender, out of San Diego, California unleashes a unique mix of rock and power-pop. With catchy hooks and relevant verses, they have developed a sound that has become their staple and leaves you remembering their name.

Kiss Me by Sound of Surrender


Thinking About You by Starfire

Keyboardist & lead vocalist Dairenn Lombard has been playing synthesizer keyboard and electric/acoustic guitar for over 23 years, and writing songs for nearly 15 years, Dairenn has spent the past eight years in his home studio engineering and mixing the recordings, including those for the 2010 debut CD “Eye of the Storm.” When not recording, he has spent the last two years performing solo, acoustic sets throughout southern California.

Thinking About You


Motherland by Lenelle Moïse

Lenelle Moïse is a poet, playwright, vox musician & internationally-touring performance artist. In addition to regular performances at colleges and theatres across the USA and Canada, she has been featured in venues as diverse as the the United Nations, the Omega Institute, the Louisiana Superdome and off-Broadway at the Culture Project. She is the 2010-2012 Poet Laureate of Northampton, MA.



Middle of Harlem by Gregory Abbott

International star and platinum recording artist, songwriter and producer Gregory Abbott’s roots stem from Venezuela (his mother) and the Island of Antigua (his father). Raised in New York City, he is a dual citizen of the USA and Antigua.

Middle of Harlem


Blue Light by Indofin

Indofin, together since 2002, is a skapunkreggae powertrio from Austin TX. From these very modest beginnings and years spent at what seemed like futile efforts, Indofin has certainly come a long way, becoming one of the defining bands of the central Texas scene.

Blue Light


Outside In by gilli moon

THE STILLNESS shows the strength of gilli moon’s songwriting, her dynamic vocal range, and joy for the piano. As a rare songwriter who “can take a song any place she wants… singing sweet whispers one minute, and screaming rock the next,” according to Music Connection, with THE STILLNESS, gilli moon exemplifies unparalleled growth and maturity in all facets of her being and art, from soulful songwriting, to impassioned vocal delivery to graceful and captivating piano compositions.

Outside In


Today by Second Dan

Second Dan is ready to re-emerge after the past year holed up in the studio working on their new album, “Angeline”. These new recordings should cement the band in the echelons of New York City’s scene, building on the success of their debut album “Bringing Down Goliath”.



Nothing To Wear by Danielle DeLaite

Confident yet vulnerable, sultry yet sweet; you can’t miss this in her music or her personality. This young Australian singer, DaniElle DeLaite, is definitely pop, but she somehow makes it different. It’s classy, it’s sexy, a bit funky, a bit cheeky. A writer of both upbeat and laid back songs DaniElle loves nothing more than performing and connecting with her audience with everyone having a good time.

Nothing To Wear


Going Down To Louisiana by Marshall Lawrence

Not many blues artists can call themselves “the Doctor of the Blues” without a whole stretcher-full of the idiom’s winking big talk. But Marshall Lawrence can, and with only the slightest bit of irony. The award-nominated Canadian bluesman actually holds a doctorate in psychology, and he knows how to use it—just as he knows how to use his slashing guitar, stinging, lightning-fast slide, and pleading, mournful moan: Marshall’s prescription for a maximum blues remedy.

Going Down To Louisiana


Everything To Me by Shaun DeGraff

Shaun Degraff is in the midst of a personal journey, exploring uncharted territory, with unremitting influences of positive and negative energy, away from his comfort zone and approaching that sweet spot between good and evil. That’s where he survives. It’s the tight rope he walks every day, and the title of his new album “Grey Area”.

Everything To Me