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Collaborative Music Licensing for Co-Writers

Musicians, here is your chance to get your music in the movies, or maybe even on the next xbox game. is a new online music platform that started as a project from The Net Culture Lab in based in Austria.  

It calls itself a community for musicians, writers, producers and labels, and is giving artists a unique outlet to collaborate with new artists and sell their music.

We call it collaborative commercial licensing. Overview Tutorial from NoteThrower.

The platform provides easy collaboration features via a personal widget embed, and also gives musicians a way to distribute and license their new work for sale to film/tv, and game companies.

Notethrower was made to help musicians take control of their careers, as well as just have fun collaborating with other artists from all over the world.  It’s great to have musicians from Austria working with artists from the U.S., Italy, Canada, and anywhere else in the world.”   Artists keep a generous 90% from the sale of their tracks, and can sell their songs from their facebook or myspace or personal band website with the music widget and a free paypal account.  A short video should help explain it.  Sign up for free or just download some tracks to add you musical ideas to at


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